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Class 2



This Week smiley


Good morning Year Two! Hope you are all well. 


Check out www.whiterosemaths.com/homelearning. Go to the Year 2 page. There are some videos and activities that you can follow on our fractions, using halves, quarters and thirds. We have tried some, they are great! yes


Next week will be Holy Week and we will be thinking about the events in Jesus’ life during the Easter story. Our concept (a big idea that we enquire about) is: Sad and Happy at Easter. Here are some activities to explore this:

  • Discuss together times when you were happy and times when you were sad. What were they and what happened? Draw or paint a picture of a time when you were happy and a time when you were sad. Have you ever experienced a time when you felt sadness and then this changed to happiness?
  • What is sadness and happiness? What words connect to sad and happy? Can you find some synonyms (words that mean the same) for sad and for happy? Can you put them into a word cloud (there are some you can create online) of synonyms for ‘sad’ and synonyms for ‘happy’? Which words do you think are the most powerful for these meanings?
  • Can you write and describe – Sad means……… Happy means……..


Next step activities you might like to try:

  • Have a look at a colour chart, discuss which colours you think are happy and which you think are sad. Place a template of a cross onto a plain piece of white paper. Smudge around the outside with oil pastels/paints/sponge/pencils, so when the template is lifted off there’s a blank cross surrounded by colour. (see examples below)
  • You could make one cross in ‘happy colours’ and a one cross in ‘sad colours’.
  • Fill your happy cross with pictures and symbols that represent the happy parts of the story and fill your sad cross with parts that make you feel sad.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Craft Mondays


Lovely news for us! Her Majesty the Queen is making every Monday a 'Crafty Monday', sharing fun activities and learning resources which you can enjoy at home. 

This week, why not design your own Investiture medal? Medals are given by the Queen and other Royal Family members for special achievements, bravery and services to the United Kingdom. Who would your medal be for?






Hi Guys! 


Have you made your rainbows yet?


Lots of people are drawing/painting rainbows as a sign of hope and placing them in their windows to make everyone smile. Do you remember the story of Noah? God sent Noah a rainbow as a sign of hope and that things would be good in the world again.


Don't forget to remind the adults in your family that lots of people are clapping from their houses at 8pm this evening (Thursday 26th) to say thank you and well done to all the amazing medical teams who look after us. smiley  

Below I have made a list of helpful websites that the children can access at home to continue with their learning from home.

  • https://www.ictgames.com/ this has lots of fun games for KS1 children that work help support phonics and maths.
  • Purple mash- I have selected some activities for your children that they should be able to do independently.
  • Mathletics - I have selected some activities for your children that they should be able to do independently.


The login details and passwords for mathletics and purplemash have been put in an envelope into the children's book bags today (16.3.20).


I will be posting more work and activities on this page, including the Year Two spelling list for the children to practise, so please check back regularly.


I hope you all stay healthy and happy. Remember that although some of us may be ill, isolated or feeling sad. We are still a big Clatford family! We'll all be back to school together before you know it!


Mrs Britten

Welcome to Year Two, a very exciting, important, interesting and busy year at school. We build upon all the children’s good work in Year One and have lots of great new things to learn and experiences to be part of. This is the last year as part of the infants so we have lots of opportunities to share our learning and take part in worships, be leaders across key stage one, learn the recorders, help at playtimes and be part of trips and outings like the local gymnastic festival.


We begin our year learning about us and our community where we think about how people are similar and different, discover more about our local environment and get to compare this to another mystery island home!  We are always developing our reading and read some fantastic books throughout Year Two and really get to know the characters and think about understanding what is happening as we read. Our stories often take us to special places and can even help us jump back in time to discover the events of the Great Fire of London and how light is an important part of our life with advent rings and electricity. One of our most special times in our Christian year is creating and performing our Christmas platy and sharing this special time with everyone.


Spring term leads us to be story investigators! After we have read some traditional tales, then it is time to change them a little and write our own which is always great fun! We design our own symmetrical fabric coats and find our about forces and the force of the Titanic that hit an iceberg and the events of that fateful night. Year Two are keen to learn about how we grow and can be healthy so we design our own vitamin packed smoothies which we sell on our smoothie stall in school. Our smoothies have to be made with some Fairtrade fruit as we fly to St Lucia to find out about the fruit that grows there and their Fairtrade work. Our travels are always done safely as Year Two learn to become streets ahead experts when they are out and about with their families.


As well as weighing our different fruits for our smoothies, we also measure length and capacity in Year Two. We develop our knowledge of tens and units and counting in different steps in our maths, get to know different fractions of shapes and numbers and learn to become really confident with adding and subtracting different numbers and begin to multiply and divide. This is really helpful, when we are counting up the different minibeasts that live in our area and as well as growing our own butterflies, we grow plants in our garden and create our own collages from nature. It is great to find our more about habitats as we create our own information reports on creatures that live in our local habitats and as well as being nature detectives, we also become seaside detectives in the summer, finding out about seaside features and how holidays have changed. All really interesting and exciting things to learn before we move into being a junior member of our school.  




Our Amazing Trip to Windsor

Our Amazing Trip to Windsor 1
Our Amazing Trip to Windsor 2
Our Amazing Trip to Windsor 3

Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen 1
Long Live the Queen 2
Long Live the Queen 3
Long Live the Queen 4
Long Live the Queen 5
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Let your light shine

Let your light shine 1
Let your light shine 2
Let your light shine 3
Let your light shine 4
Picture 1 Beautiful Butterflies
Picture 2 Butterfly sun catchers


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