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Class 4

Welcome to Year Four


A massive welcome to the new Year four and their families. Year four can be an inspiring year where pupils continue to develop their curiosity, independence  and love of learning. It is an exciting year where friendships are deepened and creative ideas spark and ignite. I do hope you will love being part of the Year four family, I can't wait to go on this journey with you this year.


Literacy and Mathematics


In Literacy this term we will begin by studying poetry in the form of Iron man, before heading onto poetry and detailed descriptions through the beautiful book, ‘Lost Words’. October half term will lead us into writing up information leaflets on Clatford – a keepsake for years to come. As we head towards Christmas…! We will begin to develop our imaginations through the wonderful book, Leon and the place between’. Whilst using these beautiful books as our main source of inspiration, we will also be focussing on the grammar and spelling needed to develop our writing. Mathematics topics will be introduced to the children via our working wall. The impetus is on making maths relative to everyday life, discovering a variety of strategies implemented to aid problem solving. We will cover the four main operations, cementing our place value knowledge, plus aspects of shape and space, fractions and data handling. During Year Four, times tables are a real focus. We will spend this first half term learning new and exciting ways to remember our times tables, before pushing on to our bronze and silver awards.


Science and Music

Mrs Tomlinson will take Science this half term on a Monday afternoon. In Science, the children will be learning about Habitats and Survival, along with teeth and digestion. We will also be exploring the woodland area adjacent to the local allotments. We are blessed to have access to this site for our longitudinal study; exploring how the space changes over time, how the planting of trees has changed the landscape and habitats. For their music lessons, Year Four are lucky to have the Hampshire Music Service coming in on Tuesday mornings, to enable them to experience a variety of instruments. This term they will be learning how to play a ukulele!


History and Geography

We have two themed units running this half term, which will incorporate both History and Geography. We will be getting out into the village of Clatford to explore the local surroundings, using maps to see how the landscape has changed over time. We will be focussing on the geographical landscape; understanding the physical and human features. We will be looking historically into how the village has changed over the past 200 years. As a comparison, we will be following the same investigation (without the physical exploration) of Southampton. This will give us the opportunity to really compare two very different locations.

Our second theme is to look at our countries monarchy from 1066 until the modern day. We will be studying a selection of monarchs and how their behaviour, decisions, and actions have shaped our country. We will look at the counties and key cities of Great Britain and how the development of transport and technology has had a real impact on our country.



PE is going to look a little different this year. As you know, your child needs to come to school dressed in their PE kits on PE days. For us this will be MONDAY and FRIDAY. We will try to get outside as much as possible. With this in mind, please make sure your child’s PE kit is warm and that they have a waterproof with them. Although we will still be playing Rugby, our focus will be on skills based PE rather than team games initially. We will be looking at our sprinting and ball control. When the weather dictates we will be inside. During these sessions, we will be looking on developing flexibility and coordination through yoga.



Our focus for the first half term will be looking at the concept of symbols through the theme of Hanukah. We will have the opportunity to learn the stories and look at the similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity. We will complete a second unit leading up to Christmas, focussing on the symbolism of Angels. As always, our school values of love, respect and belief sit hand in hand with our British values to enable the children to feel safe and valued throughout their time in school.


Art and D.T

This term we will be studying Vincent Van Gogh and how he worked colour and mediums. We will be creating our own mixing charts in our sketchbooks, ready to create our own folding Vincent art books. In D.T, we will be reaping the rewards from the vegetable garden and creating a delicious Big Soup. We hope that we will be able to share this with you in some form. After half term the children will be designing, then making our own Christmas stockings ….needles and threads at the ready!



In French this term we will be starting with a recap of where French is spoken around the world, numbers to 10, how to have a, ‘how are you?’ conversation. We will then be developing our phonetics and talking and writing about our families.


Home learning

Home learning will be set on a weekly basis. Spellings will be given out on a Monday, to be returned on Friday for a test. I will also be sending home times tables, which the children will be tested on once a week. This will enable the children to secure their times tables’ facts, which are essential within Mathematics.


On a Friday, the children will have one piece of work sent home consisting of a Maths, Literacy, Topic or an R.E related task. The completed work will be due in the following Wednesday. Home learning consolidates what is taught during lesson time and is important for the children to complete; therefore, it would be helpful and extremely beneficial if your child could complete their homework in a calm environment where they are free from distraction. There will also be occasional Science homework that will be sent out predominantly on a Monday for the first half term. In Year Four, the children are also expected to read for 15-20 minutes each day. Children love to read and to be read to. This term reading books will be sent home on a Monday and will need to be returned on a Friday to be placed in the quarantine area for 72 hours before another child can use them. This way one child will only handle each book at a time .


Thank you so much to all of you who have managed to access Google Classrooms - you are doing brilliantly!


I know it is hard not being able to come into school, but please do feel free to contact me via the school email address or by phone if you need to speak to me.


Many thanks

Mrs OH


Learning from home - Summer Term 19/20


Summer 2: Final Week


Well hello Year Four, I can't believe this is our last couple of days as Year Four together.  Thank you so much for your lovely messages and presents over the last week.  I feel incredibly blessed to have been your teacher this year.  I am so looking forward to seeing you back in school in September.  I know that Ralph and Florrie will both have wonderful experiences at their new schools,


Massive congratulations to Isaac and Tom for their gold awards this week - a fabulous demonstration of resilience.  Remember to keep practising over the summer so you are ready for your next challenge when you get back in September.  I have included some practise ideas to help you to get ready.


I am not setting any work on Purple Mash or White Rose this week.....Purple Mash is still a great site to access independently along with Top Marks, Mathletics and Maths Frame.


As this is the last week, and some of you might be off on holiday to a theme park, I thought we could spend this week designing our own theme park. I have included a power-point and clips for you to look at for inspiration.  I do hope you enjoy it.  I thought it looked great fun! I have also included a theme park maths game for you to challenge your family with...good luck!


Have a wonderful Summer break, you certainly have earnt it! all the resources and activities will stay up on our class page, so if you want to revisit anything over the holidays do feel free.  However, I am not going to be setting any new work...enjoy learning from reading new books, speaking to new people and watching the world around you.


Stay safe and keep smiling

Mrs OH


Summer 2: Week 7

Hello Year Four,


Well the time has come for us to have our last full week together….how crazy is that! I have been thinking about what this week would normally look like, and we would normally have been putting the finishing touches to our KS2 play and performing in to our friends and family. With that in mind, I wanted to give this week a real theme.  So …. This week I would like us all to base our learning around the Olympics.  They should have been held in Tokyo starting in a weeks’ time.  They have been postponed until next year (hopefully).


I have included a wide range of activities for you to have a go at this week.  I would suggest that you watch the clip on the history of the Olympics first which tells you how and where the Olympics first started. You can then have a go at creating an information sheet on the history of the Olympics, or you could choose to write up about a particular champion that you are interested in.


The next Olympics will be in Tokyo.  I have included a power-point of the history of sports in Japan.  I would love it if you could look at that presentation and then create a fact file of Tokyo.  Thinking of where it is in the world (north, south hemisphere; tropics of cancer or Capricorn; continent; country; physical and human features; habitat etc).


I have also included a clip to the new sports that are going to be introduced over the next couple of years into the Olympics.  I would like you to look at the Greek vases which show the sports during the original Olympics.  I would love you to design a new vase depicting one of the new sports.  You could either draw or design it, or if you have any clay you could even have a go at making one yourself!


As well as this, there are word searches, maths investigations and mindfulness colouring in for you to try and of course… it is the Olympics.  So… have a go at how far you can jump….how high can you jump….how fast can you run….challenge the rest of your house hold to a mini Olympics!


Who knows…one of you may even be in the Olympics in 8 years’ time….


As always White Rose Maths is attached.  This week is the final week and takes us to symmetry and co-ordinates.  Please do carry on with your times tables.  Massive congratulations to Reuben and Megan who achieved their Gold awards this week.

I am so looking forward to meeting up on Tuesday.  Be prepared to talk about your favourite memories of the past year. I know it has been a funny old year, but I have loved being your teacher this year. 


Thank you

Mrs OH


Summer 2: Week six


Hello Year Four,


It was so lovely to see you all last week.  I can’t believe that we only have another two weeks together….I do hope you have enjoyed your time as a Year Four in Clatford, even through these strange times.  I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces when you return as Year Fives!


When we spoke last week, we talked about what you think Mr Kirk should know about you.  Things you liked doing; things you were a little apprehensive about, people you work well with, things that you have enjoyed during lock down, things that have worried you and anything else you think is important.  No information is useless! I have included a power point on letter writing, an example informal letter and some key vocabulary for you to use.  Don’t worry that it has Year 3 on it – it is all the same!


Last week we started to look at a new book called Odd and The Frost Giant.  We looked at a zone of relevance to describe Odd.  I would like you to use that to create a character description of Odd.  He is certainly a strong young man, remember you can look at my video from last week if you need a reminder.


I would then like you to use the letter writing skills that you have learnt to write a letter to Odd’s mother, imagining that you are Odd.  Thinking about why you have run away.  What were the main reasons? What are you wanting to achieve? I expect, knowing Odd that he will want to reassure his mother that he is okay.  I will read the next section of the book later on in the week.

Our maths this week leads us on to angles and triangles. I think you will fly through this, as you were brilliant at it when we did it in school – enjoy.  Remember….acute angle – it’s cute – it’s little – it’s smaller than 90 degrees.


Last week we studied a selection of male artists and the display wall is looking fabulous.  However, we did not look at any female artists.  This week we will be studying three artists; Georgia O’Keefe, Eileen Agar and Kara Walker.  I have included three lovely activities for you.  Please do send in any work that you have completed, it would be lovely to include some work from home. You can either email it, or pop it in the post box outside the school office.


As always, guided reading is set daily on Purple Mash for you along with some other maths and computing ideas.  Your spellings this week are slightly different.  You have 4 sets of spellings! They are all words that you have looked at before.  You have an activity on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday along with a practise sheet for each day.  Don’t panic – just do your best.

A massive congratulations to Ralph for achieving his bronze award at home this week – keep working hard at your tables, it would be brilliant to award some more awards in the next fortnight!

Have a brilliant week


Keep smiling and safe

Mrs OH



Summer 2: Week Five


Hello Year Four, I do hope you have had a lovely weekend.  Wasn't it hot last week! This week we are hopefully all going to meet up again for a chat and to go through our class haiku that you have written which will be fabulous.  I shall be setting you another task, as well as giving you the opportunity to say hello to each other and to take part in some class games!


As well as that, this week is National Children's Art week and I have some wonderful activities for you to take part in.  The first one is  based around an artist called Chris Ofili and involves you creating a beautiful painting; the second is based around a modern artist called Michael Craig-Martin and gives you the opportunity to create a piece of art with coloured pens and pencils; the third and final piece is a pencil drawing based around the Pre-Raphaelites.  All three have a power-point below to explain them.


We are looking at another new book this week. It is a treat to be using so many books, I do hope you are enjoying them as much as I am! This book is called Odd and the Frost Giants.  I have attached work for it below as well as three videos.  I do hope you enjoy the work, it involves a theme that you all know very well.


Our maths continues with White Rose.  Last week we looked at money and this week we are moving on to look at a selection of graphs, starting with pictograms on Monday. As always, please carry on with your times tables. Charlie achieved his gold award at home this week - massive congratulations! and Harriet achieved her Bronze award in school.  Great job! Please send me your completed times tables awards with times from a parent to let me know how you are getting on!


Thank you to all of you who are working so hard on Purple Mash and Mathletics.  You are all awesome! Your guided reading and spellings continue on Purple Mash along with some maths and coding activities.


I can't wait to see all your smiling faces again this week.

Have a fabulous week until then, please do carry on sending me your completed work via our clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com address.


Keep smiling

Mrs OH


Summer 2: Week 4


Hello Year Four


I hope you had a wonderful solstice weekend.  Thank you so much to all of you for sending me your haiku lines.  I have nearly everyone’s now and I am ready to start putting them together to create our lockdown poem.  If you would like to send me some pictures that you have created – or some photos to go around the poem that would be brilliant!


I know that it has been such a long time since we were all together and I can only imagine how tough it is for you all being apart from each other.  I would like to reassure you all that you are doing a fabulous job.  I know that there is a lot of work for you to do here, please, please do not worry if you do not complete it all. You can certainly pick and choose, whatever fits in with your family life during these times.  If you can manage to read and practise your times tables every day, that is a brilliant start.  As always, I am at the end of an email, a phone call or a message on Purple Mash.  Please let me know if you are having any problems that you think I can help with. Have a brilliant week – the sunshine is supposed to come back with vengeance!

I have recorded several messages for you on YouTube; explaining the geography below and the literacy tasks…I hope they help.


Mrs OH


Geography, Art and Music


It is national rainforest day on Monday, so I thought it would be great to look at rainforests for the week. On Monday, I would like you to look at the slides explaining where in the world the rainforests are.  There is then a map included for you to fill out. On Tuesday I have asked you to look at the climates of the rainforest. There are a set of slides for you to look through with some data to analysis.  If you would like to choreograph some music to go with the rain forest that would be fantastic.  Remember Mr Pearmain in the church at harvest? Maybe you could get your whole family to join in.  We would love to see/hear your compositions. Wednesday gives you the opportunity to look at the plants within the rainforest.  There are some picture cards for you to try and copy, very carefully. Think about sketching the details, before labelling your plants.  Feel free to investigate some other plants and trees – I would love to learn about some more! On Thursday and Friday, I would love you to have a go at drawing a toucan from the how to draw video that I have linked and to create a rainforest animal mask…be as creative as you like! As always do not feel that you have to complete all of these tasks. I have also included a virtual tour of the Amazon Rainforest! They are here for you to explore as you wish; but I think this will be a lovely set of activities – have fun with it!




This week in Literacy we are looking closely at how to write a story full of suspense and tension.  We begin with me reading you a short story from the book Survivors by David Long.  It is an amazing book full of true stories of amazing individual who have survived terrifying stories. I will be reading you a story of a girl who fell from the sky. I would like you to listen as the tension builds up in the story as we are not sure if the girl will live or not. I have included a ppt that describes exactly how to build up that tension along with word mats and sentence openers.  I have also included a planning sheet to help you.  Please watch my videos which talk you how to use all of these resources. Please send me your stories to clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com

Guided reading is set on Purple Mash as normal.  There is a chapter and a set of comprehension questions each day. Our spellings this week are looking again at the statutory words for Year Four beginning with a and b. Please try to practise them every day, including writing a sentence so you can use them in your writing.  Your spelling test will be on Friday as normal.  Thank you so much and a great big well done to all of you who are completing these each week.



I have included a few bits on Purple Mash and Mathletics.  The majority of your maths is on White Rose Maths.  This week we are starting a new topic.  Well done for working through fractions and decimals! Our new topic is money, I hope you enjoy it. Please continue with your times tables.  If you would like a bronze, silver or gold sheet, please email me and I will send them to you.



This week, your project is to create a marble run! There is a link on our home-learning page to the video to explain it more.  Have fun!



As you all spend more and more time online, I would like you to take a little time out this week to stop as a family and have a little reminder of how to keep each other safe online. CEOP have released some great new information to help parents and children to stay safe.  Please do take time to read through this information, following the link below.



Have a lovely week, enjoy the sunshine and the videos – you can always send one back to me!

Keep smiling and stay safe

Mrs OH



Summer 2: Week 3


Hello again Year Four.  I hope you have had another wonderful weekend.  I expect lots of you got to see family members that you have not seen for a while this weekend.  How wonderful is that.  It really makes us appreciate our family, I'm sure your fabulous smiling faces brought great cheer to so many people.


This week we are continuing with White Rose maths; which is carrying on with our decimals and fractions.  If anyone is having problems with this, please do either email me or phone the school and I can give you a bell back.  Please also try to carry on with Topmarks and MathsFrame to practise your times tables.  Remember silly school songs on YouTube has all of your times tables to sing along to. I am continuing to set on Mathletics - it is great to see so many certificates awarded over the last couple of weeks - keep it up!


PurpleMash continues with guided reading, spellings and maths along with some writing tasks related to your guided reading.  I love chatting to you over Purple Mash, please feel free to comment back to me whenever you can...it gives me a real smile and a chuckle during the day.  It is also a brilliant way to let me know if you are struggling at all.


Literacy takes us to the exploration of a new book this week.  It is called Flotsam by David Weisner.  I have included ppts for you to look at which will describe the book to you.  The first ppt looks at a selection of items that might have been washed up on the shore.  I would like you to brainstorm a rough idea about how they may have ended up there. Day 3 gives you the opportunity to write their adventure up. Day 2 talks you through the book; it is a picture book and tells so many different stories.  I really hope you love it as much as I do. Please feel free to link your story to sustainability, I would love to hear your ideas.


It is refugee week this week, which is when we celebrate the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees. This year it has the theme of ,'imagine'. This link will take you to the refugee week resources.  https://refugeeweek.org.uk/simple-acts/imagine/ There are some lovely ideas.  This one is to imagine the world that you would love to create if you made the rules. You could write a poem or draw/paint a picture about the world you would like to see. This link takes you to a list of virtual tours of art expeditions that you could look at https://refugeeweek.org.uk/simple-acts/take-a-tour/.  The Havens East project shows some fascinating history that you might like to watch and discuss with an adult at home. Maybe you could get some inspiration from any of these exhibitions to write a song celebrating refugees.


The end of the week brings us to Summer Solstice. The summer solstice is the longest day, when we have more hours of daylight than on any other day of the year. It’s when the tilt of the Earth is most inclined towards our star, the sun, and it marks the beginning of summer. The solstice has been an important ritual, across cultures, for thousands of years.

The summer solstice is celebrated worldwide with feasts and festivals. It is a time to give thanks to the natural world and re-connect to nature. I would love you to try and find out more about the sun and the moon...maybe you could make a fact sheet to share on our padlet? I have found this lovely weaving idea https://nurturestore.co.uk/sun-weaving-solstice-crafts you could adapt this whichever way you would like. Maybe you could try to find out more about Stonehenge and why it is so important during the Solstice? I look forward to seeing what beautiful things you create this week.


Our DT challenge this week is to produce a paddleboat.  I have put the link on the home learning page.  I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations!


Please don't forget to send me your lines for our class Haiku.  I would love everyone to have got involved and sent me one or two lines to create our lockdown poem.


Have an amazing week, I look forward to speaking to you all one way or an other!


Stay safe and keep smiling

Mrs OH



Class Chat

How fabulous to see and hear so many of you today. I am sorry if I did not manage to spot you amongst all of the smiling faces - this was our first attempt and I'm sure it will get better and better. I so enjoyed seeing you all talking to each other and catching up on what you have been up to over the past couple of months.

I am attaching the PowerPoint that we looked at this morning, to remind you of the task that we are going to create together.  Remember I would like 1,2 or 3 lines from all of you...no more! I hope that we will meet up again very soon to share our class Haiku.

Until then, take care and remember you can always speak to me through clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com or purple mash.

Lots of love to you all

Mrs OH



Summer 2: Week 2

Hello Year Four,


I hope you have had a wonderful first week of this half term.  I have really enjoyed so much contact with so many of you.  I think I have spoken to nearly everybody in one way or another.  There is so much work being completed on purple mash… It gives me great pleasure to see what you have all managed to achieve each week, although I am really not very good at playing your incredibly elaborate computer games that you have been making me!


This week should hopefully give us all the opportunity to see each other through our google meet up on Thursday – I am so looking forward to it. Remember you need to email me at our year four email address so I can send you the correct link on Thursday morning.



White Rose this week leads us on to decimals.  Again it is work that we have covered before, so I hope you will recognise it.  White Rose does not suggest drawing a place value grid, but I would recommend it.  Remember that when multiplying our numbers get bigger and so the digits move to the left; when dividing our numbers get smaller and the digits move to the right. Please continue with your Mathletics and as much times tables on mathsframe or topmarks as you can manage…you are doing brilliantly. I have also included a silver, gold and platinum challenge for you this week as well as a copy of all the bronze challenges for you to practise.



I have set you a poem challenge at home this week.  Thank you to those people that sent me their newspaper reports.  There were some fabulous examples. Such a wide range, but so lovely to hear how you have felt during this time. Thank you again. This week’s literacy involves you finding a photograph of you and your family. You are going to put a grid on top of it to create a beautiful family poem.  I have included a ppt to explain more. Please do send them to me when you have finished. Your spellings are continuing with the possessive apostrophe.


Art and Geography

Our geography theme this half term would be based around our local area and as we are now allowed to spend so much time outside, I thought it would be lovely if we got started on this.  This particular aspect of geography involves us spending plenty of time using our eyes to observe. I would really like us to get started on this, this week. I have included 2 lots of information and worksheets for you to complete on this.  The first section is about making a viewfinder to examine small areas in detail. I would like you to very carefully draw the patterns and textures that you can see in your viewfinder.  The second task is observing two famous artists, looking at the similarities and differences in their work.



Thank you so much to those of you that sent your rubber band car challenge in- there were some fabulous videos! This week your challenge is to make a parachute…have fun and remember…it will probably go wrong to begin with, it is about using the mistakes to make changes that is important. So go the home learning page to get the link to the challenge.

Have a fabulous week and I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.


Keep smiling and stay safe

Mrs OH


Summer Term - The Final One!


Hello Year 4. It is the beginning of your final stretch in Class 4.  It certainly has been a strange summer term so far. But, we are carrying on and we will be looking at some exciting things over the next couple of weeks.  This half term carries on, initially, with the class being split. Some of you are in school and some of you are working from home, but we will be covering lots of the same work.


Our main focus this week is going to be on how people will remember this period of time in 75 years time.  We will be reflecting on how we look back on VE day and thinking about how we could explain what has been happening to maybe our children and grandchildren in the future. I have enclosed a power-point which should give you some guidance through this. Those of you in school, we will also be talking through this.


In Maths, if you are at home, you will be carrying on with fractions on White Rose.  Before half term, you began to look at equivalent fractions and now you are adding and subtracting fractions  This is all work that we have done before, so don't panic! REMEMBER...YOU CAN ONLY ADD AND SUBTRACT FRACTIONS WITH THE SAME DENOMINATOR! (the bottom part!) I have included a link to the videos, questions and answers below, On Mathletics, I have also set you some adding fractions work.  Some of you have done this before, but I think it will do you good to have a little refresh! Your maths on Purple Mash is a real mixture this week of times tables, addition and place value. If you are in school - this is what we will be focussing on.


Purple Mash has been set for all of you, but obviously if you are in school please do not feel that you should be doing this as well...however, if you enjoy it and want to do a few extra bits then that is absolutely fine. There is a new guided reading story called, "School Swap!" I think it is going to be quite funny! Your spellings - for all of you please! are based around possessive apostrophes. We have done lots of work on this, but if you are stuck or would like a little reminder, then this clip should help and put a smile on your face!

Your test will be available on Friday...please try and practise during the week.


I have also set up a Science and DT section on the schools home learning page.  Each week I will be launching a new challenge for you to make. Please do have a look - I think you will love it!


As always, the most important thing is for you to stay safe and happy. Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy talking to each other and remember that a smile cures so many problems! Have a fabulous week wherever you are.  Please do send me not only the work that I have set you, but anything else that you have been up to on our clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com address.


I look forward to speaking to you all soon.

Mrs OH




Resources for the week

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNFPnVz7JB4     (possessive apostrophes)

https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Year-4-Week-6.pdf  (video link)


Half term and next week....

Good afternoon Year 4.  I really hope that you are having an amazing half term and enjoying this glorious weather.  On Sunday night I posted a video on our YouTube channel, that I hope you have had a chance to look at.  If you haven't seen it....please have a little look - I think it is important x


Next week is the start of our last half term together as Year 4! How crazy is that...! It is so important that you all feel part of the same class, even though some of you are coming in to school and some of you will be working from home.  I will be teaching in school full time from next week with Mrs Ball, who is also really looking forward to seeing some of you. Some of you will see quite a lot of us! However, I will have time to still keep in contact with the rest of you.  Please don't think that you cannot message me on email or purple mash.  You absolutely can.  I will try my utmost to reply on the day of the message.  We shall be covering a lot of the same work in class that I will be setting online.  That way we can all share the lovely work that we have been doing.  It also means that if you are only in school for a couple of days, you can carry on with the work at home.


I do hope that this puts your minds at rest.  Please do email me at         clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com if you have any questions or queries.


Meanwhile, enjoy the amazing weather....stay safe, be kind and have fun!


Love from Mrs OH


Summer 1: Week 5

Hello everyone!


Wow, this would be the last week of the half term if we were in school.  How crazy! I do hope you are all keeping well.  It is so lovely to have contact with you all.  Last week, I received work or spoke to every single one of you, which was truly fabulous. I do hope we can have another week like that.


This week on WhiteRose maths, we are looking at equivalent fractions.  I know this can be a bit scary, so please don’t panic if you get stuck.  Take your time, we will have lots of time to go over things in school whenever it is you come back.  There are lots of fun activities on Mathletics and Purple Mash as well as Topmarks if you fancy something different.


The worksheets are included at the bottom of the page.


Thank you so much to those of you that sent me in photos of your solar cookers.  I have put some of them on our gallery – they were fantastic.  We are going to leave our Sustainability and Geography for a while; please do keep thinking about Sustainability though….you are fabulous global citizens.



We are going to move onto our next Religious Education topic, Shabbat.  This is all about how the Jewish faith remember the story of creation.  I would like you to watch this little clip as a reminder of the creation story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teu7BCZTgDs Then I would love for you to create a beautiful poster or display of some kind showing me the creation story. I have put some ideas below.


I would then like you to investigate Shabbat.  You could talk through with your family, the things that are similar or different in a Jewish home to your home.  If you are Jewish, it would be fabulous if you could give us a detailed account of Shabbat in your house. I have also included a recipe for Challah bread.  It really is yummy, but does take some time.  Please do send me photos to clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com if you manage to make some.

Here is a clip to help you to understand Shabbat. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02mx9mx



I have included a ppt that describes your Literacy for this week.  You will need your planning from last week to help you.  Have fun with it! As always, your spellings are set on Purple Mash and this week, you will have to wait till Friday for the quiz! Guided Reading continues on Purple Mash, I am super impressed with this – you are all absolute super stars!


Please do keep thinking about yourselves and your family.  This week is the perfect opportunity to get outside when you are working as well as when you are playing.  You could take your work outside, maybe you could create your creation image out of items in the garden, or you could paint outside. You could make times tables charts in the garden! These are just a few ideas.  We will put lots of outdoor learning ideas on the homelearning page.  Please do have a look, there are lots of fun activities to try.


Keep safe and smiling and I hope I will see you really soon.

Mrs OH


Creation ideas

Solar Cookers

Well done to those of you who have researched the picture that I sent you on Monday.  As promised, I have uploaded a video explaining more about it. I hope you have fun with this and I look forward to seeing your work at clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com

Mrs OH


Summer Term Week 4

Hello everyone.  I do hope that you have enjoyed the glorious weather over the past week I know my vegetable garden is starting to look very alive and the birds are incredibly active at the moment! I have seen some fabulous photos of people enjoying VE day on Friday, and I know the bus stop has been decorated beautifully.  It is so lovely to see the community working together and celebrating such an important event in our countries history. Well done all of you.


It has been an amazing week for learning.  Nearly every single one of you has been in touch over the last week which is just brilliant.  I have seen such a wide range of work.  Purple mash has been brilliant with people completing spellings, maths, guided reading, computing, art and so much more....it is such a lovely way to have a little chat with you as well! I have had work sent in on Leon and the Place Between, The Little Grey Men, Nepal, planting, art and some wonderful baking just to name a few! If you haven't sent me anything yet....please do x


This week, we are continuing with Leon and The Little Grey men. 

Maths is following White Rose.  This week we are looking at perimeter (all the way round a shape) and area (inside the shape).  This is the link for the videos https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/ and the worksheets and answers are below. If you are stuck, please email me.


Purple Mash continues with spellings and guided reading, along with lots of other activities...keep going on them, you are doing brilliantly! Mathletics continues to be set with new challenges each week - I can see those people who are collecting certificates...well done I am very impressed!


Geography and DT

I have seen some fabulous leaflets on Nepal. Your investigation skills have been brilliant.  You have looked at the geography of the country as well as the climate and the current situations (If you have not done this yet, please do that first - look at last weeks letter). Thinking about everything that you now know about Nepal, I would like you to look at the picture below.  What do you think it is? How do you think it works? How do you think it is helping the community in Nepal? Later on in the week, I will upload a video with your next task relating to this picture!



This week we are gong to carry on with Leon and The Place Between. Again I have seen some amazing work.  If you need to revisit the telling of the story, go to our YouTube channel. Your task is to think of two other things that might have happened in the Place Between.  Think about other types of magical events that could be found in there... The slides are underneath this letter.



Our spellings this week are some more of the statutory words from the year 4 list. Again, I would ask you to look at them on Monday and to practise them before testing on Friday.



We are very excited this week as we have had a message from Tim Peake. Some of you will remember that we grew some rocket seeds that had been to space.  This was a massive experiment that lots of schools in the country took part in.  Tim Peake wanted to find out if it made a difference to seeds if they had been to space.  He has now asked if we have any questions that we would like to ask him about the experiment.  There will be more information about this on our homelearning page and our YouTube channel.  Please do have a think about all of your science enquiries that you do with Mrs Isaac and see if you can come up with some amazing questions.  Tim Peake may just answer you directly!


Have a fabulous week.

I am so proud of every single one of you, I know that this is tough.  I can only imagine how much you are missing each other, I do hope that you have found ways to stay in touch; your friendships are ever so important. I cannot wait to see you all. But until then, please do keep in touch through Purple Mash and our email.


Lots of love to you all

Mrs OH



What do you think this is? How can it help the communities in Nepal?

Summer Term Week 3


Hello again Year 4! I hope you are still managing to stay happy and safe.  I still miss you ever so much and hope that we will all be back together soon.


Meanwhile I would really like you to be trying to work on the tasks that I am setting you.  There is a real mix again, so I hope you find something that interests you!




I would love you to continue to send me your nature art projects... look on our home learning page to remind you. If you need any ideas then look at the home learning galleries at some of the ones already submitted.



We will be continuing with Leon and The Place Between this week.  I have included a power point with the emotions task for you to complete, however you will need to watch the rest of the story on our YouTube channel first. I hope you enjoy it xx



We will continue to work through White Rose maths.  Please follow this link to take you to week 3 https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/. This week will find you working on multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers. I have also set you work on this on Mathletics.  Again if you are stuck, please do email me.



This week we are looking at the prefixes auto, sub and anti.  Please do practise these, the same as if you were at school before attempting the quiz on Purple Mash.



I believe Mrs Isaac has set you a science task on Purple Mash.  She also has science tasks on YouTube which you can have a go at.  Don't forget there are live science lessons available to watch during the week.  The links to these are on the homelearning page.


Guided Reading

I have set you a reading and comprehension task each day again on Purple Mash  Loads of you have been completing these which is brilliant to see.  I will also carry on with the reading of The Little Grey Men, hopefully the weather will improve this week so I can get back out on the river!



If we were in class we would be looking at Nepal and how sustainability and technology has enabled development in that country  I would love you to have a look at the power-point that I have attached and follow the task to complete a poster. Please watch this link to gain some information on this beautiful country. https://youtu.be/wEsjo8RKkfk.


As always, there are a few more activities set on Purple Mash including those multiplication Monsters! Try to keep those time tables going...I'm sure you are doing brilliantly!


Keep smiling, don't panic if you don't complete tasks....really you are all doing brilliantly.


Message me if you need me!


Mrs OH





Summer Term Week 2


Good morning Year 4,


Wasn't last week glorious? This week I think we may see some true April showers. I expect our gardens could do with just a little bit of watering! I do hope you are all still well and happy.


This week I have set you quite a lot of different activities. As always please do not worry if you don't complete them, but I would love you to let me know how you are getting on at home.  This could be through our clatfordhomelearning email or through Purple Mash. Even if it is just a simple hello...you don't have to send me work to say Hi! If you need to speak to anyone there is always a teacher at school during school hours so please phone us if you need to chat. xx


Purple Mash

On Purple Mash I have set you a Guided Reading task (reading then questions) every day. I hope you enjoy it, I know you love guided reading in class.  Maybe you could read the text to someone else in your house first? Following on from your guided reading, I have included a writing task to compliment it. There are then maths tasks most days, if you finish these, remember that times tables fun task is always there too!



If you follow this link https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/ it will take you to our maths for the week. It is looking at dividing by 10 and 100. We have done quite a lot of this in class, so I hope it will not be too scary! As always if you are stuck, email me and I will try to help.  Top Tip....remember your place value grid.  You could always use stones or pasta etc as place value counters. I will do some videos to go alongside this later on in the week. I have also set you work on decimals and fractions in Mathletics that should work alongside the White Rose maths.



It is very exciting in Literacy as this week as  we uncover another new book.  This one seems full of magic and mystery! There are tasks included for day 1,2 and 3.  Try not to peep ahead! I will be putting videos on each day to go with these tasks! Please do email your work, there is a lovely collection of your work on the Home learning Gallery on our website. I will also be carrying on with the reading of The Little Grey Men, I do hope you are enjoying it xxx.



I have had a few pieces of work handed in showing how you have been Sustainable in your own homes and what you would like to do to improve.  If you have not done this yet, I really would love to know what you have found out.  It will help the Eco Council when we get back together.  You could also think about how we could improve the school? What could we do to keep each other happy in school when we all come back together?



Last week, I set a whole school art challenge.  I really hope you have started to think about this.  I would love Year 4 to be in-charge of setting up the art display.  I want us to have a real range of work from clay to stone art to sketching to watercolours.  I know that there are so many talented artists in Year 4.  Feel free to choose a couple of different skills....look at the task again on the home learning page if you need a reminder.



One of the sections in your Guided Reading this week talks about different recipes.  I wonder if you have tried any cooking whilst you have been at home? Maybe you could try some baking this week? With adult supervision of course! I would love to know what has been your favourite meal...maybe you could send some photos to make a class recipe book? Yummy!



Spellings this week are adding the suffix ly.  Please complete the tasks included here before trying the test later on in the week.  Remember if we were at school you would be writing sentences for the words....this would be a really good thing to do!


I'm sure you are all doing lots of lovely things at home.  Whatever you are up to, please do keep talking to others, writing down any worries or problems you have and helping out with jobs at home. If you are worried, please look at our section on well being on our website.


I look forward to seeing you as I really am missing you all loads.


Take Care


Mrs OH






Summer Term

Good morning Year 4


Firstly I hope you have had a wonderful Easter and you and your family are well.  This is a strange time and not being with you all feels very peculiar.  However, I am so proud of you all; how you are following the social distancing in order to keep everyone in our community safe. If we were at school, you would have gained a couple of marbles!


  • I can see that most of you are accessing Purple Mash and Mathletics.  Please do let me know by email clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com if you are having any problems with this.  You should be able to see my messages on your work.  I will carry on with your next set of spellings along with an art , reading and a typing task on Purple Mash. Please do also carry on with the two times table’s activities that we have been using.
  • I will also continue to set you revision tasks on Mathletics….and of course you can try to challenge each other once your tasks are complete!
  • Normally we would be revisiting some maths that we have already covered, and if you are able to do this that would be great.  Please do not worry if this is not possible. On our home learning page there is a link to White Rose Maths. I would like you to look at Summer Term week 1. There are lessons to watch and work to do on hundredths and decimals. Hopefully you will remember doing this from last term. Remember to draw your place value grid to help you. Again if you are stuck please email me and I will try to help.
  • I will be doing another video this week that links with the Lost Words book. I really love it, I hope you have been enjoying it too. I will also be reading you one of my favourite books…..you will have to keep an eye on the You Tube channel!
  • My other task for you, is linked to Geography and Sustainability. You have now spent 4 weeks at home. This is probably longer than you have ever spent at home without going out! So…. I would like you to do an honest survey about how Sustainable your household has been! Think about all the things that are Sustainable (Remember things that we can keep on doing that do not have a negative impact on the world). I have added a vocabulary sheet to help you. It might be …
  • Keeping each other happy
  • Making each other laugh
  • Doing exercise
  • Sorting your rubbish out
  • Using rainwater for the plants
  • Solar power
  • And many many more I’m sure!


You could display this in a graph, or a poster or even a letter to someone in your family telling them how you think you are all getting along. I would love to see some of them, so please post them to me and I can put them on the home learning gallery.

Most importantly, look after each other. Please do not worry if you are not completing the work that I am setting you.  I want you to know that keeping happy and looking after each other is your most important job. If you are feeling sad, please either email us or look at the suggestions on the home learning page.


I miss you all loads and hope to see you again soon.

Mrs OH


Easter Holidays

Good morning everyone. This next week is holy week and it is time to pause and reflect. on the miracles of Jesus and the miracles around us. We have already looked at a couple of Jesus' miracles, maybe you could think about any others that you know. Have a chat with others in your household, think about the miracle that was actually being performed. This link will take you to a lovely animation that covers  lots of Jesus' miracles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz7lOuXuStU


Maybe you could start to think of the concepts (big ideas) within those miracles. Could it be friendship, compassion, love? (think of all of our values on our tree).


Now I would like you to think about any miracles that you see around you today? Remember a miracle is a behaviour/action that is god like, something wonderful. Have you seen people behaving in a truly wonderful way? Maybe you could create a beautiful poem or a wonderful painting to describe those amazing things that you have seen people doing. If you sent them to our clafordhomelearning@gmail.com address we could post them on our homelearning gallery to share with everyone, bringing a smile xx


Easter is normally a time to be with our friends and family, and I know that things are going to be a little different this year. But....we have so many ways to still be together. This beautiful stain glassed Easter egg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkeAgMK6Mbc  placed on your window would let people know that you are thinking of them. You could use the same skills to make other shapes.  Maybe a cross or an Easter bunny? If you cannot get tissue paper, look at any see-through packaging that you may have? sweet wrappers can be really effective!




On our school homelearning page, you will see lots of other activities that you could be enjoying if you want to.  But this is your holiday so....


  • Make a cake
  • Make someone smile
  • Tell silly jokes
  • Make a den and invite someone else in for tea
  • Make up a play/dance/song to perform to someone else
  • Learn a new game
  • Phone a friend
  • Read a book, somewhere you have never read before
  • Have a picnic (inside or out)
  • Have fun!


If any of you need to speak to me or anyone else from the school for any reason, please do email us at clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com. There will always be someone monitoring that address who will pass your message on to the relevant person.  I know that it can feel that you are alone during these times...but...you are not.  You are still part of our wonderful Clatford family, and if you need help, please ask....we do not mind.  Stay safe, look after each other and keep being wonderful. I will see you all soon.


Mrs OH xxx

Week 2 Home Learning

Dear Year 4 children and parents,

Firstly I do hope that you are all well and are managing to keep smiling.  Last week was certainly very different for you all, but I know lots of you managed to still do some of the work that I have set you.  Well done! If you have not, don’t worry, it was the first week and we all needed to settle into our new routines.

This week, I will set work on our class page and will post videos on our YouTube page to go along with them. Please open the documents below.

Mrs OH xxx

Dear Year 4,

We are half way through our first week learning at home and I hope you are enjoying the wonderful sunshine.  I hope you have managed to have a look on our Clatfordhomelearning YouTube page.  There are lots of activities for you to enjoy. I can also see that lots of you have been working hard on Mathletics and Purple Mash.  I am really enjoying reading your Sustainability stories. I hope that you have managed to have a go at the time activity that I have set you.  Next week there will be more maths activities on here for you to enjoy. Please remember that we are still one fabulous class; keep showing that love, respect and belief that I know you are so fabulous at. I miss you all very much.

Mrs OH xxx

Maths pack including times tables and roman numerals

This week in maths we are starting to look at time. This booklet will help you to work through the problems. if you need to ask me any questions about it, please use our blog page. xxx

Home Learning


Dear Parents,


I enclose a list of activities, websites and resources that may prove helpful, informative and fun for you and your child.

  • https://www.wwf.org.uk/get-involved/schools/our-planet  this has a lot of resources for children to access with you, including how we can help to clean up our planet.  This is one of our eco school’s action plans.
  • https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button  topmarks has a lot of free maths games.  It also has links to BBC Bitesize, which covers all subjects. There are quizzes and presentations as well as short films on specific areas.  Again this is something that you will need to set up with your child.
  • Purple Mash.  Your child has their own individual log in for this site.  I have set a selection of activities on Purple Mash, including art, spellings and geography.  Your child should be able to access this independently.  I will be adding to the to do tasks.
  • Mathletics.  Your child has their own individual log in for Mathletics.  They are all confident with how this site works. I have set tasks on here to be completed, and will add to this as is necessary.
  • https://mathsframe.co.uk/ as previously stated, this is a great site for practising the times tables test.  The children know how to access this independently.  There are a lot of fun maths games available. 
  • Your child also has a homework project that has been set this week.  This involves designing a sustainable development (or an aspect of it) that could be built in the village.  Initially this was a two week project.  However, it is very open ended. Your child could have great fun creating 3D models, writing a story about someone who is going to move here, inventing a new type of sustainable car, drawing up the statistics for the population on the new development etc etc….. have some fun with it!


I know that this could be a tricky time, but please do not worry.  We will continue to set activities on Mathletics and Purple Mash.  We can also keep you updated through our class page on our website and our blog.  It is here that I will set children work directly, so please do keep popping back to visit! This is a perfect opportunity for your child to be developing their reading, this can always be through a Kindle if you are not able to get to the library.  It is also an amazing opportunity to get the packs of cards and dominoes out!


Kind regards

Mrs Oliver-Hawkins


Introduction to Andy Warhol and Pop Art

Getting ready for the Winter Olympics! Curling challenge!

Using nature to discuss isosceles, scalene and equilateral triangles

After 6 weeks of learning a new dance a week, the children choreographed a class dance with dances from the 20s to the modern day......great fun!

Sharing our fairytales with Year one - what a lovely experience xxx

As we have been working our way up the British timeline of Kings and Queens, we have found ourselves introduced to some real characters.  Last week, we met Queen Anne; not a queen many of the children had heard of.  It seemed relevant considering recent developments that we discussed her forming of the United Kingdom.  This led to a fairly heated debate on Scottish sovereignty!

Great British Monarchs

This week has seen the children battling with decimals and fractions...a battle in which they have definitely come out as victors! They have used a variety of resources to help them to understand how to convert from one to the other.

We have also enjoyed our stomp up to the new copse for our science study...photos are in the latest news section. The children are also well underway with their fairy-tale books that they are making for Year One....finished photos should be ready next week...they are looking beautiful and I'm sure Year One will love their story time.

Fractions, decimals and times tables.... cracking it!

Willy Wonka in the style of Quentin Blake - very impressed x

With Christmas behind us, and a wonderful new decade in front of us, it was wonderful to welcome everyone back into our Year 4 family.  The children have started off with a bang...launching themselves into a new Literacy topic; focussing on all those fairy-tales they have heard over the festive season. They have also loved using bricks to help them with their fractions, as well as creating some wonderfully creative gardens! We have also started our new exciting topic - riotous royalty.  This week we are learning all about the scandalous antics of William the Conqueror.... before leaping on to King John next week. We also started our new dance topic, dance through the decades, with the children choreographing some wonderful Charleston dances this week.  We have completed our RE topic on angels, as well as revising our times tables and spellings. Wow! what a week...we are officially back!

Maths fraction fun!

Fractions continue!

Snowy scene Christmas cards

Christmas Experience; creating the nativity story through the power of dance x

Times tables fun on Christmas Jumper Day!

Creating hot chocolate reindeer and wildlife friendly reinideer food for Enterprise Week

Clarinet concert

Year 4 have used all their Viking knowledge to create their own Long-ships.  They had to withstand the treacherous waters of Reception classes water trough, carrying the mighty weight of 20 multilink cubes. The majority of the boats made it with very few casualties!

Viking Longships!

Celebrating how we are all unique on odd socks day...what a fabulous sight!

Our knitting is finished, just in time for Rememberence day. We are so proud of what we have achieved. Thank you so much to the ladies and gents from the church for all their help.

Creating Anglo-Saxon amulets. Discussing how many Gods were worshipped and how Christianity was starting to develop in Britain.

Big Soup maths!

This week has been a very creative one, with our first visit from the lovely ladies in the church.  With exceptional patience, they have begun to teach us to knit in order for us to produce a glorious memorial poppy display.  The children did brilliantly...watch this space for updates! We have also visited Winchester as a continuation of our Invaders and Settlers topic. The children (and adults) learnt a huge amount about how Winchester has developed over the years, and quite how important the Anglo-Saxons were at developing the community.

Knitting begins!

As we look further into our Invaders and Settlers topic, we have begun to really think about not only where would be a good place to build a settlement, but also what kind of buildings would have been in that settlement.  This week we have been making rough models to get a better idea of the structures.  We have been considering the materials used as well as the style of the buildings, and why they were the most practical during that era.

buildings in the settlement

This week, we have begun our study into Vincent Van Gogh.  We have looked at the way that he created striking images through the use of bold brushstrokes and black outlines.  The children have begun their interpretations of natural landscapes.

Creating a flossing PIVOT character!

Enjoying the peace in preperation for world day of peace this weekend x

Three and four digit column addition....

Our first clarinet lesson.....great achievement everyone!

Searching for the best site to build a settlement

Preparing the harvest for our community Big Soup

Place Value

How lovely to welcome back such a keen and curious band of Year 4s! Year 4 is all about stretching our thinking, deepening our understanding and questioning the world around us.  We aim to rediscover some facts that we have visited before, but mainly to discover new and exciting situations.  As we head into Upper Key Stage 2, we realise how important it is to appreciate that everyone all over the world is learning all of the time, we all make mistakes and once we accept that, we can develop into wise and curious learners.


We have started off our maths year investigating Place Value.  Thinking about how we can add a ten, hundred or thousand to any number, simply by changing one digit.

Clarinet concert...what a talented bunch!

Sacred Places

Our RE topic for this half term has been the study of sacred places.  The children have been fabulously inquisitive; delving into the thoughts of each other, deciding what makes a place sacred. Exploring big questions such as, "How would you feel if people did not respect your sacred place?" and then thinking even more deeply..."How would you feel if you did not respect someone else's sacred place?" I have been so impressed with the children's ability to challenge concepts with fabulous questioning.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Year 4 have been really enjoying their first look into Shakespeare. They have been fabulous ! Taking on the parts of the Mechanicals with great enthusiasm...plenty of laughter all round
The big camp was finally here...and weren't Year 4 fantastic! They showed love, respect and belief to each other.  Helping each other to conquer our fears, enjoying each others giggles, respecting all of those who so very kindly helped to make this such and enjoyable event.  You are all wonderful!
Our maths has been helping us with our Geography...learning how to use our co-ordinates; plotting points in the first quadrant, has really helped us with learning how to read a map, looking at 4 and 6 point grid references.

plotting in the first quadrant

The village of Clatford

Exploring our village.  This week, we have taken the opportunity to go out and explore our village.  For our contrasting localities topic, studying the physical and human features of Clatford; walking on compass bearings and sketching the wildlife.
Year 4 have rally continued to challenge themselves this week, stretching themselves physically and mentally.  A morning at Golden Gecko was the perfect opportunity to prove that they have really grown over the year in their resilience, growth mind-set and beliefs.  Great job everyone!


As we head deeper into the Summer term, our camping trip in the school grounds is approaching with speed. With this in mind, we thought about how we could make it even more exciting. Knowing that we were going to be working on electricity circuits, we decided that we would like to make nightlights for our tents.  This is what the class did....and wow, aren't they fantastic!