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Class 5

Learning from Home

Learning from Home 1

Happy Easter - 6th April 2020


I can't believe that it has been two weeks already since I was last sat at the front of Year 5. I miss everyone lots and look forward to learning with you all again soon, whatever that looks like and whenever that is. It feels strange to think that it is the Easter holidays already, but that is where we are. On the learning from home page on our school website I have put up some activities you might like to try over the break. I hope you enjoy them. 


As we lead up to Easter I would normally be talking to you all about the concept of Sacrifice as part of our RE. The Easter story tells us all about the sacrifice that Jesus made to save everyone. Sacrifice is when we make a choice to give something up to help other people. 




The following video shows the middle part of a story called "the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," where one of the main characters makes a sacrficie and gives his life to save one of the children. 



When I watch that video, there are parts of it that make me feel sad. I wonder if that means the sacrifice that the lion makes is not a good idea? Or is it still important even though it makes people feel unhappy?


Here are some of the questions about sacrifice we might have been thinking about if we had been at school:

- When is it the right thing to make a sacrifice?

- What day-to-day sacrifices do people make for each other?

- Who makes sacrifices for you? What sacrifice do you make for others?

- What examples of sacrifice can you find in stories and in history? What about the bible?

- Why is the sacrifice that Jesus makes in the Easter story so important to Christians?


Maybe over Easter you could reflect on the answers to these questions and either talk to your families about then or share them on the blog?


Wishing you a happy and healthy Easter. Remember that by the end of the Easter break we will be two weeks closer than now to things being back to normal!


Mr. Kirk 





Home Learning Week 2:


Hello everyone! 


I have set extra actiivites on Purple Mash this week. I particularly enjoyed reading people's branching databses and seeing children's online safety work.  Well done to everone who has managed to get some of those finished from last week. I have also really enjoyed reading your blog posts, they are truly fantastic and however much you do it really helps you keep practicing your writing. Well done. 


I would love it if lots of children in Year 5 could have a go at the 'Love challenge' on this week's home learning for the school. It would be great to see some examples of love that everyone has seen on the noticeboard for me to talk about in next week's worship!




In Maths this week I would love it if you could pratice your division. It would be really exciting if everyone came back to school feeling confident with the bus stop method. I have added practice sheets at the bottom of the page with all the other documents. 


I have a new blogging challenge for you this week as well:


I want you to choose and share a favourite poem. It could be funny, happy, sad, long or short. I even quite like silly poems. However ... undermeath your poem I want you to try and write a paragrapg explaining why you have chosen to share it or what it means to you. You could talk about particular lines or metaphors. You could write about the structure of the stanzas in the poem. You could choose to talk about the theme and how it had an impact on you as a reader. Good luck!


General activities:

(and previous weeks)


https://schools.fairtrade.org.uk/resources/type/activities-and-games/#page-1 This has a lot of resources related to fair trade, which links to our current geography work. Children have been learning where our food comes from and about places where it is grown.


https://nrich.maths.org/search/?search=equivalent&tab=1&fs=111110000000111 In Maths one of our big challenges is to become more familiar with equivalent fractions. The Nrich website has some great games, problems and puzzles for children to play.


I also highly recommend https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/classroom-resources/barvember/ for a range of challenges problem solving activities, where the visual modelling is explained clearly to support parents and children.


Your child will also have their individual logins for Mathletics and Purple Mash on which I will be setting learning tasks across a range of subjects. Please note that Purple Mash logins will only work once your child has selected Clatford School from the list of options on the Purple Mash homepage. Or just follow the link https://www.purplemash.com/sch/clatford to take you directly to our school portal.


The blog is up and running and I will be checking this often!  My first challenge to you all is to write me a story that begins with the following opening:


Keeping watch at the side of the ship, George was tiring; his eyes weary from constantly searching the horizon, were they also playing tricks on him?  What was that waving from the rocks? 


I hope you all stay healthy and happy. Remember that although some of us may be ill, isolated or feeling sad. We are still a big Clatford family! We'll all be back to school together before you know it!


Mr. Kirk


Year 5 spellings from Mr Bennett 3.4.20

The final products - ready to sew together

The final products - ready to sew together 1
The final products - ready to sew together 2
The final products - ready to sew together 3
The final products - ready to sew together 4
The final products - ready to sew together 5
The final products - ready to sew together 6
The final products - ready to sew together 7
The final products - ready to sew together 8
The final products - ready to sew together 9
The final products - ready to sew together 10
The final products - ready to sew together 11
The final products - ready to sew together 12
The final products - ready to sew together 13
The final products - ready to sew together 14
The final products - ready to sew together 15
The final products - ready to sew together 16
The final products - ready to sew together 17
The final products - ready to sew together 18
The final products - ready to sew together 19
The final products - ready to sew together 20
The final products - ready to sew together 21
The final products - ready to sew together 22
The final products - ready to sew together 23
The final products - ready to sew together 24
The final products - ready to sew together 25
The final products - ready to sew together 26
The final products - ready to sew together 27
The final products - ready to sew together 28

Year 5 


Year 5 is an important year during which we look to develop the whole child with regards to self-esteem, leadership, teamwork, independence and maturity. In Year 5 we have responsibilities for some whole school jobs and need to remember that now we are in Upper Key Stage 2 there are a lot of younger children looking to us for guidance in the school. In Year 5 we work hard to build a class charter that embodies the Christian values of Clatford School, and stick to it.


Literacy development is a key area in year 5. Children will need to develop the complexity of their sentences, using wide ranges of conjunctions, as well as by developing the fluency and range of their punctuation. We also strive to develop our writing to make it the best it can be, through drafting, revising and editing before producing a final piece. It is important as well that over the year the children continue developing their love of books and choose more challenging literature both inside and outside of the classroom.


In Numeracy we try to use and apply our mathematical strategies and calculations independently when solving mathematical word problems. We consolidate our existing knowledge in different areas and build on these blocks to develop our understanding to the next level. This should include children working towards their bronze and silver times tables badges; a deepening understanding of decimal numbers (including tenths, hundredths and thousandths) and a developing security with the more formal calculation methods for the basic operations.


Our main topics this year include The Ancient Greeks, Rivers, Egypt and Fair-Trade. We visit the river Selbourne and also go away on our Year 5 residential in September. The residential is certainly a highlight to Year 5 and it is there that the children make the biggest leaps in independence and maturity (as well as leaping between high ropes!) The children work with their peers through a series of exciting and physically demanding activities that will test them and help develop their confidence and self-esteem, as well as giving them opportunities for developing their responsibility.


Year 5 is about learning and through every day, with the help of all of our Clatford Learning Friends, we know that by the time children leave they are ready to be the oldest in the school.



This Half Term!


Currently, at the end of this half term we are enjoying our study of Beetle Boy, a text about a mysterious disappearance. The children have been writing news articles about the facts, producing narratives about what may have happened and even writing encylopedia entries about different species they have found. Why not check out our blog to learn more! 

The next step of our batik art was great fun this week! Making the most of the beautiful sunshine, we took our now dried flour and paste designs and headed to the field.  Our flags are well underway; fabric paint on and ready for the design to be revealed next week.  We will keep you updated!

Batik spray painting!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9


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