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Class 6

Welcome to Year Six

Dear Year 6,

Welcome back to a new school year! I am so looking forward to seeing the children all back in school and in our class. I know it has been a difficult time for us all, but we are ready to face the New Year together! Although some things will have changed in reflection of our current times, a lot will be just as you remember it! I know we will soon all settle into the new routines and be ready to take on the many challenges and expectations of Year Six. I am looking forward to getting to know the children more, and getting stuck into a new term of learning.

In Year 6, we really encourage the children to become increasingly independent and take responsibility for their learning. There will be a far greater expectation of them than previous years and our work pace is fast and furious! We have extremely high expectations of the children and really like to encourage them to take risks in their learning in order to accelerate their progress and be the best that they can be. I know they will enjoy the topics on offer this term and enjoy their learning journey ahead. We love to make our learning as fun and engaging as we can and look at Year 6 with a real ‘team’ ethos in place.

In Literacy this term we will be starting by looking at the idea of becoming authors, using precise language choices in order to engage the reader in both narrative and poetic forms. We will be looking at a wide range of texts that will inspire our writing towards mastery and challenge us to manipulate the order of elements within our sentences in order to develop cohesion across the text. We will go on to develop report writing, linked to our History project along with creating many types of recounts. We will also focus on grammar and sentence construction, in order to make our written work more accurate, whilst using a wider range of punctuation. I recognise that some of our writing skills may have become a little rusty, but we will work on these together and you will all be proud of your achievements in no time at all!

In Mathematics we will cover the four main operations, developing a sound knowledge of strategies, which will enable us to solve simple, multi-step and complex problems, trying to incorporate our Singapore maths wherever we can and moving towards mastery. In addition we will be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages, learning to compare and find equivalents; multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting them before expressing fractions in their simplest form.


Science this term will cover Electricity, linked with our class text, where we will study circuits and components; investigating how we can manipulate the circuit and create switches. We will also be looking at inheritance and characteristics, looking at family similarities and differences. This will then progress into Evolution and how man, plants and animals have developed over time.

P.E. will take place on Monday and Friday this year, which will mean that the children will arrive in and remain in their kit for the day. We will be going outside for our P.E. sessions unless the weather is particularly inclement, due to the current cleaning expectations in the hall. These sessions will have more of a physical ‘exercise’ approach, rather than team sports, following the current guidelines. Therefore we ask that the children have suitable outdoor clothing.

We will begin by investigating the concept of Community, and the five pillars of Islam. Following on from this we will begin, in the second half of term, to focussing on Christmas and the two birth narratives, where we will be exploring the key concept of interpretation of these stories and the impact they have on our own experiences.

In History we focus on WW2 this term exploring: The Blitz, Evacuation, Rationing and Propaganda in order to understand what life was like, and how war changed the lives of all involved. We look into our local community and how the village was affected, making comparatives to the larger cities and the effects on those at war and back home. We will also be incorporating music and dance, alongside some cooking – rationed of course! So it should be an exciting term.

Home-learning will be set on a weekly basis and will be on Google Classroom, to prevent cross contamination and maintain ‘Covid-safe’ procedures. We will be teaching the children how to use this during the first few weeks at school. Spellings and a piece of Maths, Literacy, Topic or an R.E will be sent weekly and returned the following week. More details of this will follow.

Please be reassured that I will take the safety of all the children and staff in my team very seriously and will be cleaning regularly throughout the day. The children have a pack with all the equipment needed for the day, usable only by themselves. Playtimes and lunchtimes are staggered and at different times throughout the week and regular handwashing will be adhered to throughout the day. Although our timetable has changed, our expectations have not. We expect the children to work hard and try their best at all times, in order to feel that real sense of achievement at the end of the year. I can’t wait to kick start the year with you all!

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Lundie & the team

Learning from Home - Summer Term 19/20


Good morning Year 6!

I hope that you are all well and are managing to keep up with your learning, I know many of you have been sent a lot of work from your Secondary schools too, and are engaging in online lessons and google meets. Exciting times ahead!

This week I will be sending you out a parent mail with our virtual leavers assembly on it, so I will issue you all parts and request that you video these and send them in to me to add to our video. Please look out for the parent mail to follow.

There is also an exciting proposal from Isla, so look out for this too!

This week I would like you to try some of our favourite fractions tasks in a murder mystery maths challenge- let's see what you can remember!

Maths Fraction Murder Mystery

I would also like you to get creative and design your own machine. Your machine can manufacture anything you like, but it must not already be in existence!

Look at the following clips for inspiration:



Like Wallace and Gromit, your machines can make several things in succession, if you wish. The only limit is your imagination!

I would like you to create a detailed, labelled diagram and then write a clear set of instructions to accompany this.

Your instructions should use: the imperative verb, detailed description, causal connectives and clearly organised steps in paragraphs with use of headings and sub-headings to aid the reader.

I can't wait to see what you will come up with! It might be a machine for year 6 transition? Your options are endless.

Have fun creating!

Good morning Year 6,

I trust you are all well and are looking forward to the lovely sunny week ahead. It was great to see/speak to you last week, thank you for all your wonderful letters, I will be e-mailing these back to you over the course of the week.

This week, I would like you to begin to collate information for your autobiography, we started last week. I have enclosed a plan to support this, which you may then use to structure your paragraphs. As the next task, and primary one for this week is to write the autobiography of you!

I would also like you to have a go at creating a collage of you. You may like to use magazine images and words; newspaper words; and decorative paper. You can be as creative as you like, but really try and make the words and colours representative of you. You may like to create a picture, or even a mask? I can't wait to see your results!

Image of collage ideas

In Maths this week, I would like you to explore angles. Remember that we do not need a protractor to measure angles, we can use what we know to calculate the missing angles too!

I have enclosed a few power points for you as reminders.

Hi Year 6,

Thank you to all those who have been sending me your memories and pictures so far. We are working hard trying to put these into a video for you. I have also written a song for you, that I would like you to learn and sing (whilst videoing yourselves) and send it to me. I will then use sections of each of your films and try to merge them into a song, with some of you singing together etc. wink(I'm really trying to embrace this technology thing!) yes It will be coming out to you soon!

I am still organising Secondary School Transitions with all of your school choices, and some have requested that I share information with you, with access to various on-line video tours and transitional tasks for you to complete. I will enclose these below.

Hope you are all ok and looking after yourselves. I will be in touch next week with details of our next small group video lesson, via parent mail.

Take care and I look forward to seeing/speaking to you all soon.

Mrs L. xx



These are what I have been asked to share so far, but I know that you will all have received letters/welcome pack/ emails from your chosen school and it would be great if you are able to keep looking at the school web pages for updates and  virtual activities and tours.

Exciting times ahead! smiley

Morning all!

I hope you are all well Year 6. I have to say, it was soooooooo lovely to see you all last week on our google meet. I have missed seeing all your lovely faces. It is so good to see you all looking so well and it was clear to see that already, you have grown!

This week I will be organising some meetings to go through transition things with you, but I would also like to remind you of some of the things I would like you to send to me via the following email : yearsixclatford@gmail.com. Here I will begin to collate all of the following things from you, in order to put together a leavers video extravaganza! As I said, I will also be messaging you individually to do a specific job for me, so that I can begin to put things together over the coming weeks.

So, I would like you all to be thinking about:

  • Your favourite memories from Year R, through to Year 6 (these can be funny, lovely, memories of how you formed friendships etc - just remember, what is funny to you is not always funny for others, so remember to consider your audience)
  • Things you are looking forward to, your dreams and aspirations for future learning.
  • Things you are nervous about, in terms of moving on.
  • A Message for year 6.
  • 3 photographs of yourself during lockdown.

I would also like you to write a letter to your future self, reflecting back on 'Lockdown'.

  • What have you been doing, feeling? How have things changed etc?
  • What has it been like learning at home?
  • What have you missed or enjoyed.

These can be sent to the school home learning email as usual.

Have a great week all of you and I will be in touch shortly!

Good Morning Year 6!

I really hope you are all well and have enjoyed the half term break. It has been a very busy time here, getting everything ready and put in place for those returning to school. We are thinking about you all more than ever this week, as some of us are back in class and so are re-adjusting to a new life in school. It is a strange time for all and we are of course, all trying to readjust to the new ways in school.

You will be receiving a message soon about our new live lesson platform and I will hopefully manage to see you and speak to you all over the coming weeks. it is quite a busy time, trying to set up lessons virtually, teach in class and continue setting up e-learning via here, but I am trying my best to keep up and of course, will try and maintain the e-mail responses to you all as you continue to send in all your wonderful work pictures. So thank you for your patience at this tricky time of re-adjustment.

This weeks work is as follows:

Have a great week and I can't wait to see you all on Thursday online.

Bye for now!

Mrs L. x

Good Morning Year 6,

I trust you had a nice weekend and are getting ready for the next week of challenges ahead. It has been really lovely to receive all your messages and pictures, of you all completing the tasks set, and I have been really impressed that you have kept up with the standards of work I would have expected in school. That is really great- well done! 

Last week I had many conversations and Zoom meetings with all of your secondary schools and I will include some of the tasks that they have asked me to set you, as work this week. I thought it would be great to look at the next instalment of our History project and of course some mathematical challenges too.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing some of your finished creations vial our Clatford e-mail.

Take care all.

Mrs L. xx

Whilst reading the creation story for your History task, I would also like you to try some of the comprehension questions.

Parents I have left the answers at the bottom for you to check how well your children are getting on, or of course, Year 6 - you may like to check your answers like we would in class.....Don't cheat! wink


I would also like you to read the story of The Hero Twins and have a look at the Powerpoint on Daily Life. Then using the Diary Writing Page, I would like you to imagine you are writing a diary extract from a Mayan. What would your day have been like? Try to include emotive language and some historical elements from the information you have gained.

Remember to write in pen if you can and practice our up-levelling skills as we would normally, in school. 

Maths this week... Lets see what we can remember about Long Division.

Hello again Year 6,

I can't believe another week has passed already - they seem to be flying by!


As some of you may have already noted the date - you may have realised that it would in fact, have been SATs week starting this week, and so I thought it apt to set you some SATs papers..... well, sort of SATs papers. wink

I have set you some Silly SATs activities - that will hopefully keep you entertained and make you smile.

At this time, it is also a custom of mine, to write you all a poem - So why should this year be any different? Here is your Ode to Year 6. 

Mrs Lundie xx

An Ode to Year 6 - special edition

Well hello again Year 6!

I trust you are all keeping well and managing to try some of the work I am setting from you on here - don't forget to send in your work to me at our school e-mail: 


and I can view it and respond! Thank you again for all those who have done this so far - it is really lovely yo receive your work examples and messages. 


So for this week, I have a creative learning challenge for you! Here are the following tasks and the supporting documents you may need.


Have Fun!

Mrs Lundie x

Hello Year 6! 

I trust you are all well and have been enjoying the wonderful sunshine so far. Thank you to those who have been sending in their work from The Mayan project work I have set you, it looks great and it's wonderful to see that you are keeping up and trying your best.


As you may recall, prior to lockdown, we were starting to look at Angles in Maths and so I would like you to try the  following activities from the White Rose Maths page.  










You may also like to try the Friday Challenge:



By going on the website:     https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/

You can see online lessons and of course - the answers, to see how you are getting on. I hope you enjoy this. 

Mrs Lundie yes


Let's look at Tenses...

I'd also like you to have a look at:  Tenses this week. Of course, as you know how I love a song - I have included a couple of my favourite clips to help you ok, before you try some of the activities. wink

Sing with Grammarsaurus - The Past Perfect Tense

Sing and learn with Grammarsaurus! Looking for teaching resources to match this video? Head over to www.grammarsaurus.co.uk and subscribe so you can access o...

Sing with Grammarsaurus - The Past and Present Progressive Tenses

Sing and learn with Grammarsaurus! Looking for teaching resources to match this video? Head over to www.grammarsaurus.co.uk and subscribe so you can access o...

For a writing task this week, I have been really inspired by this wonderful book about hope. You may recognise some of the amazing authors, that have participated in this project and written either a story or poem so far? 

So what I would love you to do this week, is to do the same!


Create a short story or a poem about the concept of Hope, using some of the ideas in the book. Your writing is always amazing, when you really concentrate - so think about your use of language, punctuation and sentence structure. It would be great if you were able to send these for me to read via our Email: clatfordhomelearning@gmail.co.uk. 


Word Link Task by Mr Bennett (instead of spellings!)

Hello Year 6!


I hope you are all keeping well and managing to keep yourselves entertained and busy. I have had a ridiculously busy week moving house. It has been a turbulent few days, but we are in and safe and well, so mustn't complain. I do not however have any internet or wifi access for a month or so, so i'm sorry that I haven't been in contact with updates and work until now. I have just popped into school (which feels very odd without you all here) to update you with a few activities for the next couple of weeks.

So, as we were going to start The Meya as our new History project this term, I've put together a couple of weeks of lessons and activities in a Powerpoint which should keep you busy.

Take care for now, have a wonderful Easter and stay safe! Thinking of you all. xxx

Happy Easter


Well done for all the amazing things you are doing at the home at the moment to stay well and continue your learning. I wish you an amazing Easter break, whatever that looks like at the moment for your family, and look forward to being back in school one day hearing the wonderful stories of all the things you've been up to. 


Mr Bennett has an Easter Challenge for you! 


During the run up to Easter, one of the things you would have been doing in RE is to investigate the interiors of churches and Christian buildings to investigate the different styles that Christians have used over the years to decorate these sacred places. You could go on a virtual tour like this one:




What we would like you to have a go at, is deisigning your own decorations for the front of a church on Easter Sunday. Think about the symbols you might choose to use and what colours they might be. How will you deocrate the pulpit, altar and lecturn? Will you try to convey any emotions with your decorations? Will there be a theme: such as hope, joy or love?


Please keep your designs safe in case we end up with a chance to share them in school, but if you'd like to you can scan and email them to clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com where we can choose some of the best ones to go on the website over Easter. 


Whether you choose to join in with this challenge or not, theClatford Year 6 team wish you and your families a fantastic Easter break. 




Letter Success! 


So last week, we wanted to share a message of hope and reassurance to the most vulnerable of our community. We sang and recorded songs and wrote letters, cards and pictures to send out in the post. These were all successfully delivered and just as we had wanted, brought comfort to others through our kind thoughts and words.

Well this week in school, we have had a number of hand written letters in return! Letters of thanks from those self isolating and those finding comfort in our offer of support. The response was amazing and really shows what a little love and compassion does in our small community. Well done year 6! I'm so proud that we were able to expand our values into the community and support others through difficult times. 

HI all,

I hope you are all safe and well and are managing to find some sense of normality in this challenging time. Just to Let you know that myself and Mrs Williams are thinking of you all.


Reflecting upon this past week and indeed, what may have been our last day together in year 6, I wanted to share a few pictures with you from last week. We tried to re-enact some of the last day scenarios; shirt signing, graduation photographs and such like, but recognise that there are some absentees. You were in our thoughts and to make sure you we are with us - the children made a banner, including everyone's names. I hope they bring you some fond memories of friends and friendships. Im sure we will be together again soon.

Stay safe all! 

xx Mrs Lundie

Etymology challenge from Mr Bennett

Area and Perimeter challenge with Mr Bennett

our 'just in case' last day....

In case of potential school closure, I am keen to keep up with the children's learning as much as possible, and so will be uploading regular activities and practice papers, to support the children over the coming period. I will include maths, mental arithmetic practice questions; reading comprehensions; SPaG games and activities to do at home. Which will be really useful in terms of consolidating and providing practicing opportunities for our children's learning. Go for it Year 6!

Make wordplay fun with this Pointless game -Can you find a pointless answer?

A couple of Shape related morning activities:

The following activities are great 10 minute practice papers and help with mental arithmetic:

The following website is really helpful for SAT's practice questions, where you can download the practice papers and also the answers - in order to check their answers and see how well they did.


Home Learning


Please check this page for learning activities your children could be doing whilst self-isolated or following any closure. 


  • https://www.wwf.org.uk/get-involved/schools/our-planet  this has a lot of resources for children to access with you, including how we can help to clean up our planet.  This is one of our eco school’s action plans.
  • https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button  topmarks has a lot of free maths games.  It also has links to BBC Bitesize, which covers all subjects. There are quizzes and presentations as well as short films on specific areas.  Again this is something that you will need to set up with your child.
  • Mathletics.  Your child has their own individual log in for Mathletics.  They are all confident with how this site works. I have set tasks on here to be completed, and will add to this as is necessary.
  • SATs practice: I will be posting practice papers and questions here over the coming weeks for your child to carry out. 
  • Spellings: Please find below a list of the spellings your child is encouraged to know by the end of KS2. 


Please check back here for updates, but in the meantime please stay healthy and take care of yourselves and each other in these challenging times. 



Air Raid Shelter Building

What a brilliant day we had!


Starting with a ration style lunch, we ate our delights - ranging from Spam to Marmite and Jam! Some even enjoying a slice of cake - having saved up their sugar rations. It was good fun to try something new - but not always a pleasant experience! Still, we did our best and tried not to waste a morsel!

We then had a chance to explore the Museum, before heading to the Air-raid shelter for our World War 2 experience and what an experience it was! Some were surprised at the cramped conditions of the shelter, others appalled by the bucket loo and cold tar soap - but it really was a great way to experience what it might have been like during the bombing. It really made us think about how brave and courageous everyone was, all pulling together to do their bit.

We explored artefacts and were most confused by the baby bottle and the curling iron, found in one of the suitcases at the station. In a role play as evacuees, we said our goodbyes to our families and left for the country. It was a brilliant day and we learnt so much. 

Our Fairground rides are almost finished and we are so excited to show you the finished results!

Fairground Fun!


Despite it being the wettest EVER weather, Year 6 braved the heavy downpours and got out on their bikes to learn bike safety, in their 'Bikability' training programme. The children were amazing and despite a real range of abilities, the whole class passed, demonstrating a clear progression of skills and knowledge. Very well done everyone! 

Year 6 kick start their Fairgrounds project with a little building challenge, though not just an ordinary building challenge... this is the Spaghetti Tower Challenge! 


The children had o construct a movable, sturdy tower, using only 10 strands of Spaghetti and 20 marshmallows (with out eating any!) The results were great and we had lots of fun!

A New Chapter Begins!

Farewell Year 6: Class of 2019

After an exhausting few weeks of rehearsals and performances, Year 6 put on their final show in the church, for their leavers service. It was a beautifully 'cosy' service, as due the weather, KS2 were unable to join us. However, the whole school joined in to say their farewells, with a wonderful surprise 'Flashmob' performance for us in the hall. There was certainly laughter and tears - but a truly magical end to a wonderful year! 


Thank you Year 6, for the wonderful memories.

May you all continue to shine brightly!

Mrs Lundie, Mrs Williams & Mrs Story


The Performance: The Lights Theatre


What a show!

For 3 sold out performances, the children in Year 6 and the supporting Year 3,4 & 5 children, all put on an amazing show! Wowing the audience with their comic timing and colourful costumes, the children performed, sang and danced the night away in their exceptional performance - a truly professional show and an amazing way to end the year! 

Ali Baba & The 40 Bongo Bandits - The Rehearsals

Lights! Camera! Action!

Year 6 were busy preparing for their finale at Clatford School, as they embarked upon the rehearsal process of their performance: Ali Baba & the 40 Bongo Bandits.

Rehearsals began in the classroom, but soon filled the hall and corridors of the school with the sounds of song and laughter as their lines were practiced and scenes directed. Laughter and the buzz of excitement filled the air, as all the children got involved in the entire process. Prop making and scenery were being painted, along with the rest of KS2 learning dance moves and the accompanying songs. It was a wonderful process to be part of!

During our Spelling Grammar and Punctuation (SPaG) revision, we have been exploring ways to help us remember the rules and terminology. We have really found the power of song helps and would like to share some of our favourites with you....... ready to get a tune stuck in your head? Then Look at these!

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Independent Clauses ft. Co-Ordinating Conjunctions and Semi-Colons

Relative Pronouns Song

Pronouns Song

Subordinating Conjunctions

Fire Safety Training...some important lessons learnt!

Year 6 design their own Air-raid Shelters!

As part of our World War II project, Year 6 went on a trip to The Steam Museum in Swindon. The aim of our day was to learn all about the Evacuation process and try and imagine what it would have been like living through a war.


The day was utterly brilliant! Inside the replica air-raid shelter, we experienced what it might have been like, to be caught up in an air-raid and how public shelters were used for safety. It was a frightening experience, as we sat in the darkness, listening to the sounds that may have been typical at the time. The bombs really shook the shelter and we were all really surprised about how many people would have to be in there, for sometimes, hours at a time time!


Whilst in the shelter we learnt and sang war time songs and played games to try and amuse ourselves. The Warden was very strict and we were all expected to be very quiet (just like back in the day). We were all disturbed by the bucket toilet and hoped that no-one would be caught short - thank heavens for the modesty curtain!


After an 'evacuee-style' lunch, we then explored what we take in our cases as an evacuee and explored some artefacts from the time. We were all bemused by the ladies curling iron and old fashioned pencil case.


We said our goodbyes and boarded the train, experiencing what it would have been like in the carriages and when we arrived to our destinations. Our teachers took on the roles of the Host families, they were scary!


Lots of fun was had by all and we certainly learnt a lot!

Year 6 would like to welcome you to our website.

Time for Responsibilities and Great Learning!       


Welcome to our final year at Clatford Primary School, a time for us to demonstrate to the school that we take our responsibilities seriously. Not only are we Buddies, looking after those new to the school and helping to organise playtime games, but we also have many other duties around the school including receptionist, music for collective worship and registers. We also spend this year training as Young Sports Leaders, and having plenty of opportunities to practise our skills during our PE lessons. Let’s not forget the clubs we run for younger children during lunchtimes too – they prove popular every year and enable us to plan and prepare, just like Stephanie Sparkle the Strategic Owl (one of our learning friends). This on top of a term jam packed with learning opportunities as we embark on our Year 6 learning journey, makes our lives very busy.


During this year we look at genres in fiction and create our own stories, including mystery stories (there is usually a crime which has to be solved!), as well as learning about and creating a variety of non-fiction texts, which include discussion texts, newspaper articles and biographies. Our creativity in writing is very important to us and so much of our writing and poetry is linked into our topics across the year, for example, we write diaries about what life might have been like in old Baghdad!


In numeracy we consolidate all our calculation methods and many maths strategies and then apply them to problems. We extend our knowledge and understanding of shapes, angles and area/perimeter, as well as discovering algebra! Whether it is rationing our meals for World War 2 or collecting data in order to find out how much sleep we get on average a night, our maths skills are used on a daily basis.


Our main topics this year include Early Islam, World War 2 and Coasts, which we cover in a cross-curricular way. This means that we link our Music, Art, ICT and DT to these topics e.g. creating WW2 bomb shelters in DT. Fortunately, this means that we are able to visit some wonderful places such as the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  Although we prepare and take our learning very seriously, rising to the challenges of the SATs and working hard to achieve our targets, we also have the privilege of an exciting end to the year, with a residential trip to Barton Hall in Devon, an emotional leaver’s service and a KS2 end of year performance – our grand finale!





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