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Learning from Home

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Good Morning Class


I pray that the end of March find you safe and well. As it’s Monday I thought I would offer you a few ideas for the week ahead with regards to helping your children learn and stay active at home. You will also find these links and ideas on the Learning from Home section of the school website. I hope you find some, or all, of them useful. Please remember that we understand that not every activity, video or game will suit every child. Just find and use any of the suggestions here in the way you find the most helpful. I will try and update this page on Mondays but all of the old content will still be here ready for you if you scroll down.   


Clatford Home Learning Youtube Channel:


We are trying to add new videos every week with a range of things you can do at home to support learning.

The email to send things to if you have and learning videos of your own is still clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com.


Phonics Set 1,2 and 3: Phonics videos that show you to say all of these sounds correctly. Miss Bridgman spent a long time with these and we know that by pronouncing these sounds in the right way the children will have the best chance of applying their phonics. There is also ‘Set 2 phonics game’ to help the children practice some of those words.


Story Time: This week, look in KS1 playlist for stories about Monsters and Squirrels.


Fitness: If you think you can keep up there is the fitness in the garden to have a go at with a few challenges for the whole family!


Spellings and Spiderwebs: There are challenges for Maths and Spellings on the channel as well that would suit many children.


Outdoor Writing:  The last parts of the outdoor writing challenge are online. If you haven’t been following these, they are well worth having a go at!


Purple Mash and Mathletics:

As always keep going with these and I know in KS2 these activities will be refreshed this week so if the children have managed to complete all of their tasks and would like more ideas here … there are more ideas incoming!


Message Board of Love:

In class the children are used to sharing things that they see, that remind them of one of our concepts. In some classes they write these observations on leaves to go on their class trees. This week I would like everyone in our Clatford family to look for examples of ‘Love’ and click on the message board (below link) to say what you saw. I think between us, even separated, we can share lots of things we have seen over the last few weeks that have shown love. I know I definitely can.


Please note: This is a moderated board and I will check it every day where possible, but it means you may not see your posts straight away so please keep checking back.



I have seen many Maths sites advertised over the last few weeks and, to be honest, they are all good! They all help children stay fluent and agile with their number and are all worthwhile. I think White Rose Maths Home Learning goes beyond this (for free) as it links very closely, year by year, to the curriculum objectives for your child. They are definitely worth checking out in my opinion.



This one was quite a find! Oxford Reading Tree now have most of their reading books online to explore for free. These are great for showing on a screen and reading together for children at a wide range of reading levels:



Online Safety

I have included a few links here to support with your home learning internet safety. The first link shows you how to access the wealth of resources that have been made free by ‘National Online Safety’ group.


The second link (apologies for the long hyperlink address but it takes you straight to right page!) will take you to resources and activity packs for all year groups that can be done weekly to support your child in learning how to access online resources safely.


I am updating the school website today to include all of these links in our ‘Learning from Home’ area and there are plans to upload more videos and challenges over the next week.



In the meantime we all hope that, whatever the role you are currently playing during this challenging time for our community, you are able to enjoy some home learning with your family, we hope you are able to stay well and we hope you are able to remember, as always, our school words in these difficult times.

Learn and grow together with love, respect and belief.


Yours Sincerely,


Mr. Kirk

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Good Morning Class! - Week one!


School looks very different today! It is definitely more important than ever to stay close while socially distancing and remember our Clatford values. We have started putting some videos together to share learning, stories and ideas. Our website is straining under the traffic so I have created a youtube channel for them to live. There is more being added pretty much daily!




If any of our Clatford parents, friends or family have a video of books being read or activities you have done whilst at home then email them to clatfordhomelearning@gmail.com and we'll give them a watch and maybe get them up on the channel for everyone. It's great to stay in touch!


Here are a few of the things you might find...


Mrs Harding - Common Exception Word Challenge



Ava Reads the Magic Farawar Tree



Mr. Kirk starts a chapter book



Mrs. Oliver-Hawkins sets a writing challenge and plants some seeds




As well as our youtube channel

Here is a list of authors reading their own books, which are well worth a watch:



If, like me, you have always wanted to be able to draw cartoon animals, now could be a good time to learn!



St. Mary's Church in Andover are now offering their services live online and have their recordings up for view as well:



I'll keep this page updated every week with any bits and pieces, but in the meantime I hope you are all healthy and safe. Wishing you love, respect and belief as we learn and grow together. 


Can I please also take this opportunity to remind you of all the safety advice that is already on our website.  I have included a link to the National Online Safety and to our advice page. Whilst we do understand that children need to be using the internet during this time, it is imperative that we all continue to follow the same safety rules that we are all so good at. Thank you so much for your love and patience during this tricky time.

Mrs Ball's scavenger hunt

Mrs Ball's scavenger hunt 1


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