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Learning from Home

Welcome to our Home Learning Page!


Here are some of the best places you can go in order to continue your learning journeys whilst at home. 


Our Wellbeing and Safety Pages – It is important that we all recognize that this can be a difficult time for many of us and that some will be finding it harder than others for a multitude of reasons. Please check out these pages on our school website for support:




Learning Wall – We have created a shared and moderated notice board (posts require approval so don't worry if they don't appear straight away!) if you want to share any learning or activities you have been doing in your households over lockdown. No matter how small the learning activity, we want to see what you’ve been up to. 



Purple Mash – Particularly if your child is in Years 1-5, there are a range of activities here set by teachers that have a broad range of curriculum links.  Year 6 should look at their class page and Year R should look on tapestry for their equivalent activities. 



Mathletics – A great website for practicing Maths skills with learning tasks set for each year group. Just like Purple Mash, teachers can see what the children have been doing and how they are getting on. Keeping up with number work practice is a really important area of learning. 



Class Pages – These are updated with the most relevant information at the top so keep checking back here to see what has changed. 



Learning from Home Page – Scroll down on this page to find much more general links to support your child’s wider learning from home. We will keep adding more resources here the more we find. You can find links here for the BBC home learning website ant the White Rose Mathematics lessons which are both fantastic resources. 


Youtube Channel – Over 70 videos were recorded during the lockdown by a range of school staff.  These include a range of different curriculum areas for instance, ‘Making Tree Mobiles,’ ‘Little Grey Men – A story with Mrs Oliver-Hawkins, ’Number Fact Families – with Miss Bridgman’ and ‘St George’s Day – with Mrs. Carr with special guest!’ Check them out now!



Rev Katrina – We are delighted that Rev Katrina has been able to keep in touch during lockdown. Although she now is back delivering her fantastic worships each week, please take a look at the link below which is a link to the Anna Benefice YouTube channel:



On the children and families page of the website: 

http://www.annabenefice.co.uk/children--families.html are this month's activities for Messy Church. So have a look.


We know that home learning will look different for every student at Clatford and so, in addition to the areas above, we have included lots of links on this page to support you and your families in their learning. We hope you find some of them helpful. 

This Week's Reflection



Hello everyone! If we were all in school, we would be exploring, discovering and making a wide range of objects.  This is STEM. It stands for Science, technology, engineering and maths. We would love you all to still have the opportunity to carry on with this at home. So… each Monday I will set you a new challenge. Each one will include something for you to build using things that you normally throw away.  You will probably need an adult to help you with the actual building as you will need sharp scissors, but you can have a go at the thinking and planning on your own.


I really hope you enjoy these.  Please do send us your photos, and remember they will not all work, some may go horribly wrong!  That is fine.  Sometimes it takes inventors and scientists thousands of attempts to create the finished project.  You can do it!


The first challenge is to create a car powered by an elastic band....good luck!


Mrs OH


Week 3


Thank you so much for all your fabulous parachutes - again with a varying degree of success! I am absolutely loving them.  This week we go into the water...what could possibly go wrong! I would like you to design and make a paddle boat, that will propel itself independently across the water.  Good luck!


Mrs OH


Week Four


The Marble Run

Hello you amazing designers! This week I am challenging you to create a marble run.  Now those of you that came to construction club will remember that we already had a go at this using playdough! Lots of the problems that you came up against could be solved when you use more substantial materials.  I would love to see how you get on...how creative and daring can you be? As always, remember to have an adult with you if you are using any tools.

Have fun and I look forward to some more awesome photos and videos.


Mrs OH


General Links


On this section of the website please find a range of links that you might choose to use to help in your home learning. 



This week the BBC have released their home-learning activities, with a range of famous faces. They have daily lessons that are organised by year group and have links to further ideas for learning. This is a great place to start as they have a varied curriculum and are well suited to the different age ranges. They also link well to the White Rose maths resources and lessons. 


Literacy Links

Here is a list of authors reading their own books, which are well worth a watch:



Oxford Reading Tree now have most of their reading books online to explore for free. These are great for showing on a screen and reading together for children at a wide range of reading levels:



Ruth Miskin has made daily phonics lessons available from Monday April 6th.  These are so useful as she is the creator of Read Write Inc that we follow in school.  This is really a fabulous resource.



In school we often share the news with the children, and one way that we do that is through the First News newspaper. They are currently offering free PDFs of their newspapers and activities to go with them which might be worth checking out. https://schools.firstnews.co.uk/act-sheets-samples-discover/


Hampshire library Service have now added many of their eBooks online for free during this time. It is a great reading resource. Follow the links and download the app to have access to the books.



The Day Explorer - This current awareness resource can be accessed from home and contains articles, news and quizzes about current issues all in a format designed for Primary aged children.  Your children can access this from home with their school username and password which is detailed below.   There is even an option at the top of the website for parents to sign up for a daily newsletter called The Day Home with news articles and ideas of things to do during lockdown.


To access go to www.thedayexplorer.co.uk

Login: clatfordprimary
 Password: thedayexplorer


Literacy Documents


Mrs. Lundie has been incredibly busy preparing a selection of activities that could be useful across a range of different year groups. It is important in this time that your child keeps going with their reading and writing and, alongside the work on the class pages, there are lots of things here to support you and your child in their learning. Check out the documents section below. 


White Rose Maths are producing daily activities and curriculum tasks for each year group in Maths. Very high quality and absolutely free. 



As well as Mathletics and White Rose, Nrich produce lots of exciting problem solving and investigation activities which are organised by age range.




As well as the wonderful videos that Mrs. Isaac produces and puts on our youtube channel you can also find some lessons, recorded live, on this website.




Please look on our documents section (below) for our schoolwide Art Challenge! In addition to that and if, like me, you have always wanted to be able to draw cartoon animals, now could be a good time to learn!





For many years we have taken children to the Gilbert White Study Centre on the river Selbourne. They are now producing a range of ideas for outside geography learning that children could be doing as part of their home studies. http://www.gilbertwhiteshouse.org.uk/downloads/



Music and Singing

We are definitely still a singing school and one thing you can do to support your child’s singing, and well-being, is to check out this range of great free singing resources from Singup. Singup has supported the school for a long time with its resources and they have a range of styles and complexities to suit singers of all ages and confidences. Definitely one for parents to join in with! Again you do not need to sign up for anything just click on the playlists.



Please see the document section (below) for extra activity ideas provided by the Hampshire music serrvice. 


Singing Assembly, week 3 - https://youtu.be/i_q7JveSlUg


BBC Ten Pieces At Home - Activities & Interactive Workshops


Above, you will find weekly activities for primary schools, home educators and parents to share with their students. Each includes a Ten Pieces film to watch and enjoy and a linked creative ...


Out of the ark Music@Home




St. Mary's Church in Andover are now offering their services live online and have their recordings up for view as well:





At Clatford we believe that Computer Science (coding) and ICT are great for developing thinking skills with children of all ages. Barefoot computing, who have supported the school with training in the past, have released many of their resources online to support children’s coding skills at home. Most of them are straightforward and they are all organised by age group so you should be able to find some good activities for your child. You do not need to register to use these resources. https://www.barefootcomputing.org/homelearningmc_cid=b8b438bf50&mc_eid=b18d8188be 


One of our parents has given me the link to this site, which has lots of programming activities on it you can try at home:



Don't forget that if you have started learning Scratch programming at school, you can continue your learning here:



Online Safety

This link shows you how to access the wealth of resources that have been made free by ‘National Online Safety’ group.



This link (apologies for the long hyperlink address but it takes you straight to right page!) will take you to resources and activity packs for all year groups that can be done weekly to support your child in learning how to access online resources safely.



Google's own internet safety site - Be Internet Legends



Lovely visual reminders of how to stay safe at this current time along with a wonderful booklet for children to explain the current events.

Chromatography Science Rainbow Making!


Do you have any paper towels or kitchen roll at home? Or even better, any coffee filter papers? If so, then this is a great experiment that you could easily try at home.


Step 1. Cut a small rainbow shape in the towel/ kitchen roll you are using

Step 2. Fill 2 saucers with water to use later.

Step 3. Using the Rainbow colours.... Richard, Of, York, Gave, Battle, In, Vain colour, using felt pen from the bottom of the rainbow up to the edge where the shape starts to curve round.

Step 4. Now to see the magic! Place the edge of your rainbow paper onto the edge of your saucer of water, just so that the tips of the paper touch the water...…. and watch your rainbow grow!


Have fun! We really enjoyed testing this out today in school, with different variants and methods.

Happy St. George's Day!


Today is St. George's Day and so I thought you may like to partake in a few activities to celebrate a small aspect of our National Heritage.

The following link can be used to access some lovely activities to keep you busy and help you think about St. George and all your St. George Housemates.



Have fun all and stay safe and well.


Mrs Lundie xsmiley

Tim Peake is ready to answer your questions!

In January 2016, Tim Peake travelled to the ISS.  Travelling with him were many bags of rocket seeds! These seeds were to form part of a very interesting science experiment.  Tim wanted to see if seeds grew at different rates and different sizes if they had been to space.  Tim then sent some of these seeds tour school! Along with lots of other schools, we grew these seeds and sent him the results.  He would now like to answer any questions that you have. I explain this a little more on our Clatford home learning YouTube channel.

You don't have long....you need to submit your questions to; schoolgardening@rhs.org.uk by tomorrow evening (12th May).

It would be amazing if some of your questions were read out and answered when Tim talks live On Monday 18th May, when he will be holding a live chat all about Rocket Science as part of his new YouTube series Tim Talks Space.

Good luck!

Mrs OH



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