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Gabe from NASA

The children in my class thought I was telling an elaborate joke when I told them that we had a visitor from NASA but on this occasion it was definitely true. Gabe (who works at the Kennedy Space Centre) inspired all of KS2 that afternoon with his very clear messages about mindset, challenge and the things that we can all do if we reach for the stars. He suggested we should enjoy what we do, believe in ourselves and never give up. The children asked some amazing questions and although nobody walked out of the hall thinking that becoming an astronaut would be easy, Gabe had us all thinking that if that's what we really wanted to do we should put the effort in to follow our dreams.


He also showed us how our school could be part of a space expedition by sending our name into space. Our name will be on a probe that gets closer to the sun that any man made object ever has before. We are looking forward to seeing it's launch and hearing all about it's progress towards our closest star.




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