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Year 5 have been writing and sharing some stories following a post-apocalyptic video we have been watching called 'ruined.' The children used our school's new outdoor furniture to share and enjoy some of their lovely writing.


“The ancient bridge that was covered in clover-green moss, stood tall over the glimmering, cobalt water. Enormous, neglected skyscrapers were scattered along the whole undiscovered city, with vegetation wrapped around them. On some of the buildings, there were humungous signs that were slowly rusting away. The sand-like roads were completely empty, it was like everyone wanted to forget about the city. Suddenly, a black figure pushed a rusted metal box out of a window, and it crashed on the ground, still being in one piece.” – Jess


"He grabbed a futuristic device. His hand glowed blue like an LED in the shape of hundreds of pixels. Suddenly he could hear a something. It was a drone. It looked like a bug and as big as a helicopter, but that didn’t matter because all he was thinking about was to run, he ran and ran and ran and slid down a massive drainage system. Then, he jumped on an upgraded motorbike and accelerated like the wind.   "  - Nathan


"As the abandoned bridge stretched across the dilapidated city, a calm, lead-black river flowed peacefully, below. Greenery covered the lost town and birds tweeted a greeting. Tall towers were dotted around the neglected landscape. Grassy-green vines and ferns were shadows in the dark, and the sound of gongs rang in the distance." - Isla


"The concrete of the bridge, mostly hidden from the natural world, peacefully led to an undiscovered city. Apart from the bridge, there lay a curious city but one building in particular stood out. It had a cracked sign which said Haven Nano systems which looked like it was an unattended piece of rubbish. Clash…clash…clang…clash silence broke once again…clash, the birds had fallen silent. A peach arm and a corner of an ebony black shirt pocked out of the window. " - Violet


"The city was like a dark shadow looming over the world like a creepy tree. Bang. Bang. A little man knocked an object out of the window. CRASH! Screech it scraped across the floor like chalk scraping down a chalk board. A man’s arm appeared after. Then he leaped out after it. Dramatically, he kicked the box open like a raging lion." - Izzy


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