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Year 4 Update from the Website Team

Clatford Website Team Update – Year 4




This term, years 4, 5, and 6 have been advancing their maths skills in order to get their bronze, silver and gold maths awards. Quite a lot of people have earned their bronze badge, knowing all your times tables up to 12x12 backwards, forwards, and inside-out. And you have to do each question in under 8 seconds. Only the fast few have got their silver, knowing your times tables crossways, slantways, and middleways , knowing all your squares and square roots and doing sums like 400x8 and 6ox70 all in under 5 seconds per question. So far only two people have managed to get their gold, knowing all of bronze and silver and being able to add, subtract, divide and even do the decimals times tables, also they need to do their 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 times tables. But lots more people are very close and it will be nice to see more golds out and about on peoples uniforms.


In year 4, in maths this week they have been experimenting with dividing by 10 and 100 and seeing where you need to move the columns and where the decimal point needs to go. They have been doing sums like 22/10=2.2 and 324/100=3.24. All in all year 4 have really enjoyed this subject and have learnt a lot from this week.

In year 4 in literacy this week they have been trying to recreate a picture book that they looked at in guided reading except with their topics theme, sustainability. They worked in pairs to do some careful planning but had to use different text to each other. The best bit was… that you got to draw your own pictures to go with your sustainability story, and the most common themes were: recycling, public transport and plastics in the ocean. When they have finished their stories they will share them with years R and 1. They can’t wait to see what the year R’s and 1’s will think of them.


In year four they are learning how to play the violin. Each term, they play a different instrument and they are onto violin. It is really fun doing lessons because you can try some things that you have never tried before. We know you could love it and take it as a hobby or you could decide to take it further and do it professionally. It is really good that the school are giving people new opportunities and we hope that they will continue to do so.


In year 4, in art this week they have been trying to draw some famous buildings such as the basket building (in the USA), the Eiffel tower (in Paris), and the Guggenheim museum (in Bilbao, Spain). They found it quite difficult but fun and interesting.


In year 4, in science they have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. They have been learning about the properties of these stoles such as solids keep their shapes and don’t pour and gases fill up all the space that they have and can change their shape. They really enjoyed it and found it really interesting to learn about liquid acting as solids such as oobleck.


We have enjoyed talking to Year 4 about all their learning.


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