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Year 5 News from our web team

This week year 5 have been learning about division in maths. We have been mainly using bus stop method to work out questions that involve division. We had to use our times tables knowledge to divide the numbers in the equation. Here are some things they said about it.

I Loved The Maths Division And I Learnt That There Is An Easier Way Of Dividing Than Trying To Work Out What You Have To Multiply By The Number.” Tallulah

They have had a great learning opportunity and have made a very good job of their work.

By Sam


This week Year 5 have been working with year six in order to learn some samba pieces. Year six are practising for a concert and were very happy to help. When asked what they thought about the lessons here are some things they said:

I loved It. It Makes Your Heart Thump Inside Your Chest And You Can Feel The Vibrations Going Right Through You.” Grace T

“It Was Really Nice Because It Gives You A Great Opportunity To Learn An Instrument Alongside Others.” Erin

All in all year 5 really enjoyed this experience and would love to have it again.

By April


This week Year 5 have been learning about Fair Trade. They all joined in on a game recreating a virtual life of how the bananas on the trees travelled all the way to the supermarkets. Each group had a different job, A Worker, A Landowner, A Transporter and A Shopkeeper. To make it even more realistic they were given decisions to make and crisis’s to solve. People got ill often and a few died. The Landowners were given a choice to pay for doctors to help the ill. Everyone earned money and could negotiate with each other to overpay or decrease payment for the bananas. Year 5 worked very hard and enjoyed it immensely.


Also this week, Year 5 have been reading a poem called “The Highwayman.” In the poem there are three characters called Tim, Bess and The Highwayman. Tim loved Bess but The Highwayman stole Bess from Tim. The Highwayman is a villainous man who kills and steals. Tim wants to get rid of him but he’s not sure what to do. So Year 5 wrote a letter to Tim’s cousin, Rosie, as if they were Tim. They did an amazing job and worked very hard.


by Dion


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