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Year 5 - News from our web team

Street Child


This week Year 5 have been reading a book called street child, it’s a book about a boy named Jim Jarvis and he’s stuck in the Workhouse. We’ve been writing some instructions for a child in the Workhouse, and helping Jim survive. Then we wrote a letter to the MP to keep the workhouse either abolished, or left open.


By Amy




Lately, Year 5 have been learning about the Muslim religion. They have learnt about the different objects and books Muslims read and use. They were set a task to sketch these items and also had to ask questions and observe things that have been drawn or carved into the objects. They have done very well at this and observed many different things.


They have also been watching videos about what Muslims do in their religion and have prepared questions in preparation for their live link with another class that has some Muslim children in it.


When they did the live link we had to guess the other pupils school by asking Yes and No questions to help us to find out what school they're at and where the school is in the country. After that they asked questions about what they do as Muslims and what it's like to be Muslim.


By Sam




Lately, Year 5 have been upgrading their multiplying skills, multiplying 2 by 2 digit numbers, 3 by 1 digit numbers and 4 by 1 digit numbers. They now know other efficient multiplying methods such as: The Formal method, Arrays, Bar Model and using Concrete resources.


These methods have helped them to understand multiplication.


By Dion. D


Marco Polo


In Year 5 this week, we have been learning about a man named Marcus Polo, who is more commonly known as Marco Polo. He was a great explorer and has discovered lots of the lovely things that we enjoy today, such as:

Walnuts, Pomegranates, Cucumbers, and dates.


We had a go at writing a page of his diary trying to describe a cucumber how he might have of described it. We also had a look at an actual page of his diary describing some kind of animal that he had seen. The funny thing is we still don’t know what he was talking about. Scientists think he may have been describing a giant Monitor Lizard. But they still can’t be sure. We have some very bright children in our class and 2 of them even guessed it was a Monitor Lizard.


by April





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