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At Clatford Primary School we actively seek to prevent safeguarding issues and are vigilant in our pursuit of keeping our children safe and happy.  Safeguarding determines the actions that we take to keep children safe and protect them from harm. As a school we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of our children.  All staff and Governors play an essential role in protecting children.  Mr Kirk, the Headteacher, is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and along with Mrs Britten, Mrs Coles, Mrs Armstrong and Mrs Walkom, the Deputy Safeguarding Leads are responsible for:


  • Creating safe environments for children through robust safeguarding practices
  • Ensuring that adults who work in the school, including volunteers, don’t pose a risk to children
  • Supporting staff in teaching children about staying safe
  • Maintaining an environment where children feel confident to approach any member of staff if they have a worry or problem.
  • Ensuring all staff understand the symptoms of child abuse and neglect
  • Ensuring that staff receive regular training on child protection and safeguarding
  • Making sure all staff are aware how to raise safeguarding concerns
  • Referring any concerns to social care
  • Monitoring children who are the subject of child protection plans
  • Maintaining accurate and secure child protection records


The Designated Safeguarding Leads are clear about their role, have sufficient time and receive relevant support and training, to undertake their roles, which includes close contact with outside agencies, including Social Care, the Hampshire County Council Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) and relevant health care organisations.


The actions that we take to prevent harm; to promote well-being; to create safe environments; to educate on respect; to respond to specific issues and vulnerabilities all form part of the safeguarding responsibilities of the school. As a school we follow and adopt Hampshire County Councils suite of Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies as they are judged outstanding in this field to support us in our working practices.   Governors are proactive in adapting these policies and other government guidance for our school and monitoring safeguarding.  Each year they submit an evaluation to the Local Authority and identify areas for improvement.  The policies and action plans can be found below.


Keeping our children safe is a duty that falls upon all of us so we hope that you will join us in this task. If you are concerned about a child’s welfare, please record your concern, and any observations or conversation heard, and report to one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads as soon as possible on the same day.


If your concerns relate to the actions or behaviour of a member of staff (which could suggest that he/she is unsuitable to work with children) then you should report this to the Head teacher in confidence. If the concern relates to the Head teacher you contact the Chair of Governors or Local Authority Designated Officers, LADO, on 01962 876364, who will consider what action to take. Remember you may hold the final piece of information that could save a child!




Reporting Safeguarding Concerns


Mr Kirk is the safeguarding lead at school. 

Mrs. Britten, Mrs. Coles, Mrs. Walkom and Mrs. Armstrong are all trained safeguarding leads as well. 


If you have any safeguarding concerns about a child at school please contact us on 01264 352091 and ask to speak to any of the people above. 


If it is out of hours or you can't get through, please email s.walkom@clatford.hants.sch.uk


Please don't hesitate to get it touch!


  • Clatford Church of England Primary School
  • Village Street, Goodworth Clatford, Andover
  • Hampshire, SP11 7RE
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